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Post 14 Sep 2008, 08:57
i have made a Internet television channel on!

Comrade Burashka showed us the like to the website and i am very thankful for his help.

Come to for news on the Russian Federation (i know its capitalist, but it is still home to many comrades) and The Soviet Union. Also come view this Channel for Russian Victory Day Parades, Russian Presidential inaugurations, (From Russia Today) and other Various Soviet History (battle of Stalingrad, The Fall of Berlin, and things like that) more videos and other broadcasts soon to come!

comrades, please help with the build up of this channel by posting links to good soviet videos/movies! I am really in need of a link to "The Fall Of Berlin" movie (1949)
Post 15 Sep 2008, 00:46
Found this on Youtube. It says 1949, hope it's right.
Part one:
This is all I could find. Will your TV station have english versions?[/url]
Post 15 Sep 2008, 01:18
yes, its an english channel, i am in need of an anchorman/woman for the CCCP News Network Origional Programing, is anyone intrested? (scripts will be e-mailed to you, anchorman job is audio, with videos on what ever Topic we might be covering is)
Post 17 Sep 2008, 18:40
Sorry. I'll be busy, but I might be interested in doing something at some point.
Good Luck, Comrade.
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