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All of my sigs, in chronological order

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Post 28 Dec 2006, 21:41
Ok, I will leave this up for and then when I get enough then I will repost and bump it up.
Post 28 Dec 2006, 21:57
I get the feeling he will be a fixture
Post 28 Dec 2006, 21:59
I'll do it up for you once I get home, there's a hardcore blizzard going on in Denver right now so I don't know when that will be. Any text/quotes?
Post 29 Dec 2006, 05:09
With name.

More tanks.

Less tanks.

If you're looking for something different let me know.
Post 29 Dec 2006, 09:12

Post 29 Dec 2006, 18:02
Thank you for the Sig!
Post 29 Dec 2006, 20:25
Your welcome.
Post 29 Dec 2006, 22:42
Your welcome.

Post 29 Dec 2006, 22:43
That's a very WCM-esque sig you made there, Greggers...
Post 30 Dec 2006, 01:01
There is no such thing as Greggerism. My signature is Wheelism-Chairism.
Post 31 Dec 2006, 21:12
WCM, we demand you make more cia unfriendky sigs, using fancy words that the cia don't understand!
Make me a sig with a picture of the British Army holding a red flag saying "the queen will fall!!11!!11!!" and put the word "fetishism" somewhere, the cia don't understand commodity fetishism, see?
Post 31 Dec 2006, 22:24
Stop drinking. O_o
Post 31 Dec 2006, 22:27
Post 01 Jan 2007, 00:28
There are random hash smokers on this site i tells ye

tis the time for ye old time wich hunt
Post 01 Jan 2007, 20:05
As my 2000th post draws nigh, I ask for your assistance in a signiture. I don't really have anything in particular in mind. Right now I have nothing except Fitzy's, which I stole.

I have an appreciation for Holt-Art, (hint holt) but I am open to anything.

People I like: Lenin, Marx, Castro, Einstein
Things I like: Communism, Learning, older Star Trek, the Internets

These are some loose suggestions. Something entirely innovative is as appreciated.

So if anyone has far too much time or is an overly accomodating person, your efforts would be appreciated.

P.S. Okay, I have chosen a hopefully temporary signiture to cover my nakedness.
Post 01 Jan 2007, 23:49
So..are you looking for a stylish Babeuf-esque signature? Or one of those hilarious over dramatic mspaint portraits with the token "cut out stalin head" over the stick figure, possibily holding a stereotypical ak47/40oz of vodka

Edit: Btw does your name Cata bear any reference to the movie Equilibrium?
Post 02 Jan 2007, 00:02
Never heard of the movie.

I have an appreciation for the serious and non serious. If you would prefer to make a serious signiture, your contribution will wholly appreciated.
Post 02 Jan 2007, 21:35
possibily holding a stereotypical ak47/40oz of vodka

Why not both?

Post 03 Jan 2007, 01:46
I have an appreciation for Holt-Art, (hint holt) but I am open to anything.

I'm on the case.
Post 03 Jan 2007, 16:45
Yeah, you douchebag!

In the meantime, perhaps comrades you can put up some of the classics?
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