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All of my sigs, in chronological order

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Post 11 Nov 2006, 19:51
I was wondering if anyone could change the lettering in my sig from Latin to Cyrillic.

And perhaps throw in a hammer and sickle in there somewhere, in such a way that it doesn't look cluttered (perhaps behind the text?)
Post 11 Nov 2006, 21:11
I suppose I can give it a go. I have some alright Cyrillic fonts on my computer.

Same image?
Post 12 Nov 2006, 07:20
Yes same image.
Post 26 Nov 2006, 04:48
Could someone photoshop me a signature featuring Hungarian leader, János Kádár, with a Warsaw Pact montage back-drop. Thanks.
Post 26 Nov 2006, 09:33
Post 26 Nov 2006, 09:42
Thanks very much.
Post 02 Dec 2006, 09:10
As you can see, I made myself a crappy 2 minute sig

Could someone please make me a nice sig featuring Stalin, the WWII Red Army, and the Soviet flag.
Post 02 Dec 2006, 18:36
I hope this is to your liking.

Post 03 Dec 2006, 05:19
If you want, wait till Monday/Tuesday...
Post 03 Dec 2006, 05:28
Bloody brillant!

Post 03 Dec 2006, 05:58

This is my attempt. Its not very good...
Post 03 Dec 2006, 07:20
Uhh..let the pros handle it.
Post 03 Dec 2006, 08:06
Not too bad, Fitzy, but I'll wait and see what Vitaliy can come up with.

Monday/Tuesday will be just fine.

And thanks
Post 04 Dec 2006, 03:16

I know you can't see the Soviet flag, but, if it is important to you, it can be changed.
Post 04 Dec 2006, 06:41
Wow! That's really good!

Than you very much, comrade
Post 04 Dec 2006, 14:27
Its really good work. And showing the soviet flag isn't really necessary; that would be too many sov. symbols in a 400*100 pixel image!

Again: nice work!
Post 04 Dec 2006, 16:43
Thats really sweet Vitaliy.
Post 04 Dec 2006, 21:28
Wow, thank you
Post 28 Dec 2006, 18:03
I was wondering if somebody could make me a Soviet Army Sig, using a T-72 tank, an AK-47, and anything else you want to add.
Post 28 Dec 2006, 21:38
I recommend you get more posts, because what's the point of making a sig for someone who might not be active in S-E anyway?
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