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A few of my collectibles

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Post 14 Aug 2016, 11:22
I've seen a lot of really interesting things on here in my week of lurking through the memorabilia threads. Here are some of my Soviet and Com-Block Collectibles and other relics related to the Soviet Era, I have more and I'll post them as I have time to take pics.

My Romanian AKM ala US Made receiver. Circa 1975

Russian SKS, 1953

Russian 91/30, 1944

I know that this is not necessarily Soviet and might be Imperial, but it's Russian none the less. This is my most recent addition so I'm still researching it and not having much luck. It is a Cossak Sword though.

My Russian Pot Helmet, Decommissioned Russian WWII Grenades, Russian Grenade pouch, and some Russian award or medal. Not really sure, I was hoping that someone could shed some light on that one.

This is an Italian 1873 Vetterli-Vitali, I know that this is not made by the Soviets, nor was it manufactured in the era. But this is the four shot conversion of the original Italian Vetterli single shot rife. Many of the four shots were later converted to 6.5 Carcano and held six shots, and these conversions were used in WWI as auxiliary issue to Italian artillerymen and such. However, much of the four shot Vitalis that did not get converted ended up in Lenin's hands and helped win the Russian Revolution. Some also made it to the IRA. The stock was sporterized when I bought it. I am working on restoring it.

This picture was not taken with posting it here in mind, and I know that the other items are not associated with the rifle itself or its history. They are simply decoration. However, the Bayonets are my Romanian and East German AK Bayonets.
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Post 14 Aug 2016, 18:00
That's a nice collection, especially the Cossack sword. I have a WWI German Bayonet as well as my grandfather's army jacket from WWII, but neither are Soviet-related of course. As for the medal, do you have any more details about it like its shape or if there's letters engraved in it? I think I can help identify it if you do as it's a little hard to tell in the picture.
Post 14 Aug 2016, 21:54
Here is another picture of the medal or pin.

Other stuff I pulled out for pictures;

Russian WWII Sniper Smock


Unopened bottle of Stolichnaya that was imported from the USSR

Post 15 Aug 2016, 22:24
Wow, nice collection there Kaiser! You'll have to hit me up next time you're in Moscow so we can add some consumer goods to your very military-oriented cache.

We used to have a veteran poster on here with the nic Sergei, from Michigan I think; he too absolutely loved Warsaw Pact weapons and memorabilia. It's a shame he no longer posts, or you guys would have a lot to talk about I think.

As for that medal you got there - it's from the Минтяжмаш, or "Ministry of Heavy Machinebuilding," a huge structure with enterprises building machinery for mining, metallurgy, power generation and other important areas of the economy. The phrase "За ударный труд," literally translated "for shock work," was given to workers, engineers or managers who went above and beyond what was required of them, overfulfilling the quotas that were set for them.
Here's a bit of history:
Post 16 Aug 2016, 00:16
Thanks for that detailed reply! I actually think it is far more awesome now that I know what it is! I will read that article at work tonight. Need to get to bed cause I am getting less than 4 hours as is today. I'd love to visit Russia someday, particularly the tombs of Stalin, Lenin, Zaytsev, and Kalashnikov and to see Stalingrad. Moscow would be equally awesome as well. I have a lot of respect from the men who forged our world's history. But, as far as collectibles, I generally stay within the confines of military history as this is my main area of interest. But certain oddities will catch my eye, like that bottle of Stoli, that I will add to my collection. I am very open minded when it comes to collecting. I have no problem paying shipping for items, so if you come across something you think I would like, feel free to send me a PM. When, not if, I make it to Moscow, I will certainly take you up on your offer.
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