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Lenin`s Tomb

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Post 20 Jun 2014, 09:14
I hope, the thread is right here. I really wish to visit Lenin`s Tomb on red square. I saw tourists were pushed threw there by the guards very fast. Is there a way to get some kind of special access? Lenin is more for me than just a tourist sensation and I would like to take some more time for my visit.
Is there a way to contact someone?
I read the tomb is not state run anymore, so the people working there will mostly have a communism attitude. Perhabs their is someone who can help us? (My russian is not very good, yet.)
Post 30 Jun 2014, 09:19
It's sad everything is so rushed nowadays.

Conveyor belts at the Louvre and now Lenin's Tomb. *sigh*
Post 30 Jun 2014, 17:58
I visited the Mausoleum in 2010. It is only a quick view... not because you're pushed through it fast, but because the lines keeps moving fast at the suggestion of not very friendly soldiers.
It is a very special experience. But I don't know at any special kind of visit. I don't know if it's not state run anymore, but you don't have to pay a ticket or anything-- so I don't think it's private.
Anyway, I've seen it closed in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Maybe because it was winter or the May celebrations when I went.
Post 09 Jul 2014, 15:13
I think soviet78 mentioned once that they always close and cover up the mausoleum during red square parades and celebrations even on May 9th. Very sad and even a little pathetic.
Post 13 Jul 2014, 13:24
What does Lenin really have to do with WW2/the GPW though? Closing the mausoleum during parades and celebrations would be a bit of a formality though anyway, as the square would be cordoned off for people to be marching through or tanks and shit rolling through.

He should be buried anyway.
Post 13 Jul 2014, 17:29
I don't see why it's necessary to completely cover it up. He may not have been alive during the GPW but he founded the workers state that defended itself during the war. I find it insane to brush him aside as if he were completely irrelevant. It was in front of his museum that nazi banners were thrown after the victory. The balcony is also an important historic site where many great communist stood like Mao and Che.

The mausoleum is his final resting place. I don't understand what difference it would make if he were to be put six feet under. Different cultures through history had different burial rites and customs. Lenin was placed in a glass casket; other historic leaders are placed in a tomb while others are buried beneath a tombstone and still people flock to pay homage. This one little detail in that his body is visible to the masses should not make that much of a difference. His is not the only mausoleum in the world.

Where would one suggest they bury him? In the same mausoleum? Maybe destroy him mausoleum altogether?
Post 18 Oct 2014, 03:41
Thanks for your answeres, Comrades. I will Visit the grave the 10. March around next year. Does anyone know if you can donate the mausoleum something?
Does anyone have an email adress, so I can ask them a few questions?

It is a pitty that you may not stand a bit and remember him peacefully. I honour Lenin very much and the mausoleum is somekind of special monument to me. Why destroy it? It is somekind of last bastion of communism proudness.
Post 18 Oct 2014, 03:47
You can private message me here comrade; I might even go with you if I'm not working that day. There are a couple other guys from Moscow here, and others who go there regularly; maybe we'll all get together and make a day trip out of it.
Post 19 Oct 2014, 20:34
I'd definitely be down for a trip like that. I always look forward to visiting the final resting places of great communists. On a tour I once visited the grave of the Hero Sniper Vasily Zaytsev before his body was relocated from Kiev to be buried among the other great heroes of the GPW at Stalingrad. It's always a very satisfying emotional experience. Here's a photo of his original grave at Kiev upon which is inscribed his most famous words: "To us, there was no land beyond the Volga".

Post 22 Oct 2014, 11:32
Yeqon wrote:
I'd definitely be down for a trip like that.

Yes, definitely hit up me or Kirov for that when you decide to come up.
Unfortunately I can't offer a place to stay, for the moment anyway, but I'd always be happy to lead someone around, show some of the best parts of the former center of world socialism, and whatever it is that Russia's becoming today.
Post 23 Oct 2014, 10:35
I most certainly will although that unfortunately won't be any time soon. I'm on a personal five year plan and with one year over and four to go I won't be leaving Africa until then. Still it would be great to have you show me around. By then I'm hoping to not only explore Moscow but the far east as well. I've heard that it's possible to travel into North Korea by train directly from Russia, and so would definitely like to try that.
Post 06 Nov 2014, 17:15
What about the grave of Marshal of the Soviet Union Akhromeyev's graveplace? I think as a hero of the GPW and a lasting socialist influence whose grave says "Soldier, Patriot, Communist" he deserves a few red flowers.
Post 06 Nov 2014, 18:58
I man who chose to die as a soldier rather than accept living through the collapse of the union most certainly and absolutely deserves praise and remembrance. He lived as a man and died as man.
Post 06 Nov 2014, 21:06
Yes, certainly. Moscow is filled with the graves of such men and women. There are theories that he was murdered, due to the odd way in which his 'suicide' took place.
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