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Soviet Music

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Post 20 Aug 2010, 22:11
I would like to know what music styles where typical for the soviet era. I am not looking for communist music like the Red Army Choir. But what type of music was popular in the Soviet Union. With some little research I found bands like Gorky Park, Piknik and Sektor Gaza. But I think these band are more of the post-soviet era.
Post 21 Aug 2010, 04:57
I'm not sure exactly what you are after, but you might find some suitable material on these pages:

This page has links to other music related sites (many of them are Russian only though):
Post 06 May 2011, 05:10 here you can find lot of soviet music,you can download it.Example:click on that link than go to Песни нашей победы,than go to Скачать (download) "Песни нашей победы" or Скачать "Песни нашей победы" с торрента (download from torrent)
Post 07 May 2011, 19:53

A lot of these are extracts from albums which have sections which have kind of a modern, beat feeling.
Post 02 Jun 2011, 07:21
I highly recommend the links Shigalyov posted. The only thing is that you can't listen directly, you actually have to download the file to hear it (at least, as far I can figure out). But I've picked up on some really amazing music that way. Many lyrics are only in Russian, but if you copy them into Google Translator, you can get a pretty good feel for the songs.
Post 05 Jun 2011, 00:33
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