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White Terror

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Post 01 May 2005, 17:48
I'm looking for the photos where white guard killing the Bolsheviks.

I had searche for it almost every were, and haven't found it yet.

So please, help!
Post 12 Dec 2010, 04:54
You mean, this one?


The execution of the 26 Baku commissars, (including Stepan G. Shaumyan, one of Bolshevik's organizer in Georgia )
Post 12 Dec 2010, 10:35
Post 12 Dec 2010, 11:23
Quote: ... -slo-1.php

>Gasp< the fascist are worse than the whites !
Post 12 Dec 2010, 11:28
actually those are whites (MVAC and home guard) who were trained and equipped by italy and germany.
Post 12 Dec 2010, 11:38
Oh, sorry, I thought they were the nazis because their uniforms seems similar in some photos.
Post 06 May 2011, 05:06
Quote: ... -slo-1.php

Tnx for that Moris,it will help me like an good evidence against chetniks. Drugarski Pozdrav
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