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CCCP Logo on a building windows

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Post 12 Jan 2005, 14:43
Hi, i hope somebody could help me,
i´m looking for a particular cccp-related art/image, it´s a photo of a city by night, and the lights on the windows of the avenue buildings display
the CCCP logo.

i came across this large photo a log ago, but i can´t find it anywhere.
Anyone knows where to get it? Any info of the photo?Which city ?

Thanks in advance.

Post 12 Jan 2005, 15:19
Post 12 Jan 2005, 22:46
Oooh that looks really neat!
Post 25 Jan 2005, 05:51
I doubt ANY of the people notice as they go by. Only if you were standing far back enough could you notice the entire thing.
Post 25 Jan 2005, 05:56
It's Amazing.
Post 28 Feb 2005, 08:50
The name of the street is NEW ARBAT str. runs from kalininsky bridge straight to Kremlin. By the way it's in Moscow.
Post 28 Feb 2005, 09:11
Kalinin Prospek was where the photo was taken-- the building is home to the Soviet Economic Ministry, it was lit like that every night.
Post 28 Feb 2005, 09:17
Actually you are right considering it was in the 80's. I was there between 92-99 , so i am more familiar with the new name.
Post 28 Feb 2005, 09:24
Probably one of the most attractive streets in Moscow, considering it has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Monument of Bulat Okudzhava & the Skyscrapers which line the near high-way.
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