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Communist Cars

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Post 17 Apr 2010, 18:09
Many interesting pictures, I like GAZ 13 Chaika in flames!
Post 17 Apr 2010, 18:23
Many interesting pictures, I like GAZ 13 Chaika in flames !
Post 23 Apr 2010, 07:52

In USSR Gaz-24 (Volga) was a dream of every soviet citizen. This luxurious automobile was being produced in Gorkovsky car factory for the middle and upper classes in 70-s and 80-s. Also it was widely used as a taxi cab.

But almost nobody knows, that in 1973-74 was developed the experimental modification of Volga - Gaz-24-95, which had all-wheel drive and other elements, turned it into the real and unique landrover with good cross-country capacity. It is known, that there were produced only 5 copies and one of them was the property of Leonid Illich Brezhnev.


Post 23 Apr 2010, 20:15
middle and upper classes in 70-s and 80-s

What bloody classes? There were no classes in the USSR,at least that's what my propaganda book "The country of October",published in 1977 says...
Post 23 Apr 2010, 21:15
That's what I was thinking, I copy and pasted that paragraph. I think the person was referibg to the heads of the state or other government officials. Did oligarchs exist at that time?
Post 25 Apr 2010, 15:29
English sucks in that it doesn't differentiate between what Germans call "Klasse", that's an economical class (in the Marxist sense) and what we call "(gesellschaftliche) Schicht", which literally means "layer (of society)" and refers to how much money you have. Even though the USSR was classless, "layers", of course, existed - and the upper ones were mostly identical to party cadres.
Post 08 Nov 2010, 19:33
Post 08 Nov 2010, 21:31
What car is that? Is it yours?
Post 09 Nov 2010, 00:15
It's a 1970s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. Pretty ridiculous paint scheme considering its status and price. It wouldn't seem like like a very formal vehicle for CPGB representatives, and perhaps it's just meant to be ironic or something.
Post 09 Nov 2010, 05:35
No, that's not mine lol. I just found it online and thought it was interesting.
Post 09 Feb 2011, 21:06
GAZ-233014 Tiger


Mos def the best vehicle in Russian army, result of Soviet development.
Post 13 Feb 2011, 04:07
That is quite a disturbing name you have, shaytan.
Post 13 Feb 2011, 05:19
Political Interest wrote:
That is quite a disturbing name you have, shaytan.

Is that what I think it is?

Also, that's a straight xerox of a Hummvee. MiG-29 Syndrome strikes again!
Post 13 Feb 2011, 05:41
Order227 wrote:
Is that what I think it is?
The Muslim name for the Devil basically.(iirc)

Order227 wrote:
Also, that's a straight xerox of a Hummvee.
Those were my thoughts exactly. It's a post-Soviet vehicle though - from what I've gathered.
Post 13 Feb 2011, 08:54
MiG-29 Syndrome strikes again!

MIG-29 syndrome?
Post 13 Feb 2011, 17:06
Is that what I think it is?

Yes, pretty disgusting.
Post 28 Feb 2011, 10:44
When I see al these pics, I cannot help but lagh when I think at all the shit capitalists always tell about Communist cars.
Most of them believe that there were only Lada's and Trabants, and that these had one model from the fifties which was used for about fourty years, and were terrible cars that burned down, exploded and fell to pieces daily...
When I see the kind of variation there was in automobiles in the Warsaw Pact, I must say it surprises me how many there are.
Post 28 Feb 2011, 18:16
The simple fact that you still see Trabants in the annexed GDR while Western cars from the time are all but gone, tells you everything you really need to know.
Post 09 Mar 2011, 23:50
Lol mabool, forgive my narrow perspective, but does it tell us that some of the people there are too poor to afford new cars? A American car looks better, drives faster, is safer, the whole package. On majior flaw of capitalism in this sence though is cars simply aren't designed to last that long. Here the car company wants you to get a new car every five years lol. However, the car I drive is twelve years old. But that's just because I love it so much.
Post 09 Mar 2011, 23:55
Well what I wanted to point out is that they're superior because any capitalist car would have fallen apart in the meantime...
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