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Deborin's 800 page magnum opus Philosophy and Politics

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Post 11 Aug 2020, 14:23
Deborin was the main Soviet philosopher of the 1920s and the creator of DiaMat. He lost out in the debates with Mitin, and wasn't allowed to publish in philosophy again until the post-Stalin era. This book collects his essays since 1905, when he was still a Menshevik and debating the Machists. ... a_djvu.pdf

Ok so there are six major divisions in the book
1. Articles from the times of the first Russian revolution. The struggle against "Machism". ... 0%B7%D0%BC (no english article about Machism)
but apparently connected with this guy:
2. The criticism of reactionary streams of bourgeois thought in the first quarter of the twentieth century
3. Philosophical problems of natural science. The struggle against the "mechanists".
I guess about
4. Lenin and the dialectical materialism
5. For the ten year anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution
6. In struggle against the modern bourgeois ideology
1.1. Constitutional autocracy and the probable solution of that contradiction
1.2. Revolution and culture
1.3. Mandevillian ethics and the "socialism" of Kant
1.4. Machism and Marxism
1.5. Criticism of empiriomonism of Bogdanov ... 0%B7%D0%BC
1.6. Dialectical materialism and empiriosymbolism
1.7. Destroyer of dialectic
1.8. Dialectical materialism
2.1. The death of Europe or the triumph of imperialism
2.2. The last word of revisionism ("the last word of", in Russian can also mean the cutting edge of ..., e.g. the last word of technology)
2.3. The crisis of bourgeois philosophy, and dialectical materialism
3.1. The subject of philosophy, and dialectics
3.2. Materialist dialectic and natural science
3.3. Engels and the dialectical understanding of nature
3.4. Engels and dialectic in biology
3.5. Mechanists in struggle against dialectics
3.6. Our disagreements (the concluding word on discussions in the Institute of scientific philosophy 18 May 1926)
3.7. For the five year anniversary of the magazine "under the banner of Marxism"
3.8. About the results/outcomes of the discussion
4.1. Lenin: militant materialist
4.2. Lenin and the crisis of the newest physics
4.3. Modern problems of the philosophy of Marxism-Leninism
4.4. The problem of cognition in the historio-materialistic view/illumination
4.5. Lenin as a dialectician
4.6. Hegel and dialectical materialism
4.7. Lenin as a philosopher
5.1. The October revolution and dialectical materialism
5.2. October and Marxism
5.3. October and Marxist-Leninist dialectics
6.1. The ideology of Fascism
6.2. Science and foresight of the future
6.3. "Theoretician" of the modern revisionism Fritz Sternberg
6.4. Global system of socialism and eternal peace
from 742: a list of names mentioned in the book with page numbers
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