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Six-volume Soviet history of international workers movement

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Post 19 Mar 2019, 04:53
* - The Origins of the Proletariat and Its Evolution as a Revolutionary Class
* - The Working-Class Movement in the Period of Transition to Imperialism (1871-1904)
* - Revolutionary Battles of the Early 20th Century
* - The Socialist Revolution in Russia and the International Working Class (1917-1923)
* - The Builder of Socialism and Fighter Against Fascism
* - The Working-Class Movement in the Developed Capitalist Countries After the Second World War (1945-1979)

Scanned by me.

English translations of the seventh and eighth volumes were supposed to follow, but that never happened; Vol. 7 dealt with "the working-class and national-liberation revolutions after the Second World War" (i.e. the third world), while Vol. 8 detailed "the struggle by the working class for peace and social renewal between the 1940s and the mid-1980s."
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