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"Working Versus Talking Democracy" (1982 CPUSA book on USSR)

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Post 17 Nov 2015, 01:25 ... gDemocracy

Scanned by me.

The author was a member of the CPUSA who served as Moscow correspondent for the Daily World (the CPUSA's newspaper) for a number of years, and who continued to visit the country frequently. The aim of the book is to demonstrate the superiority of the Soviet conception and practice of democracy as compared with that of the USA in terms of political participation, the press, and in the factory.
Post 26 Dec 2015, 01:13
Is that why USSR dissolved? Too much democracy? Too evolved democracy?
Post 27 Dec 2015, 12:02
No, it dissolved because of the restoration of capitalism carried out after Stalin's death, which led to economic decline and eventually the USSR's dissolution. The author of the book, Mike Davidow, was a revisionist and the book is a defense of the state-capitalist USSR of 1982. I don't scan it because I agree with the author, I scan it for historical reasons.
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