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Marxist journals

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Post 23 Dec 2008, 21:16
List of marxist journals:

*Capital & Class
*Historical Materialism
*International Journal of Žižek Studies
*International Socialism
*Monthly Review
*New Left Review
*Foucault Studies
*Race & Class
*Radical Philosophy Review
*Review of Radical Political Economics
*Science & Society
*Socialist Register
*The International Gramsci Journal
Post 29 Dec 2008, 06:07
Thank you very much for this.

But since when in Foucault a Marxist?
Post 29 Dec 2008, 13:17
He claimed to be one and the influence is clearly there but I wouldn't go as far as to call him one myself.
Post 30 Dec 2008, 02:58
Neomarxism and postmarxism are included.
Post 15 Nov 2010, 02:48
I recently came across the great wealth of journals published during the Cold War of translations of Chinese and Soviet sources. The Soviet philosophy journal was edited by John Somerville who was actually very sympathetic to Soviet Communism. The journals actually continue to current day but have been replaced with Russian studies.

Some of the journals are
Soviet/Chinese Studies
in Philosophy
Anthropology & Archaeology
Problems of Economics

as well as Soviet Review, which was the best hits from all topics. And there are journals from the Soviet press etc. includes the location of all library holdings.

I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in Soviet theory take a glance at some of them, although it might be hard unless you are near a college library with public access. But certainly this was for me a great discovery that finally allowed me to access first hand the great intellectual achievements of the USSR and PRC under the guidance of dialectical materialism and Marxism. As of now I have mainly been skimming through Chinese Studies in Philosophy. Which had interesting debates about the relative value of idealism in its historical struggle with materialism. And the nature of formal logic and its relation to metaphysics. Another debate was the unity of idea and matter. The Studies of History provided an enormous selection of articles criticizing Hai Jui Dismmised from Office, which was the proximate cause of the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese position was surprisingly non-dogmatic on all positions defending the value of formal logic, idealism, and the identity of idea and matter.

I was very impressed by the works of TI Oizerman whos works can be found at Hes done some great studies on German idealism and the young Marx. Worldcat says his first published book was in 1948 Croatian translation. But he still writes today, unfourtanatley he has abandoned Leninism and is now more of a democratic marxist. But even his criticisms of Marxism are insightful because of his great depth of knowledge in the classics. Thats why my favorite critical work on Marxism is Kolokowiski's Main currents of marxism. Not necessarily because he is the most fair or has the best logical arguments. but simply because he has the most depth of knowledge in the historical development of marxism. As a historical materialist, I believe this is the key to any philosophical argument.

Right now I've only had a chance to skim through Chinese Philosophy, and make a very cursory glance across Soviet philosophy. And unfourtaylu I can't access those journals too easily. But I do have easier access to Soviet Review and studies in history, anthropology, sociology, economics, and psychology. And I'll be skimming through them. And I'll post my thoughts here on anything of interest that comes up.
Post 14 Dec 2010, 23:15
How did you get access to these journals?
Post 30 Jan 2011, 00:10
Interesting. Thanks for the information.
Post 04 Mar 2011, 01:46
Here are a series of journals that publish translations from Chinese and Soviet social science journals.

For those interested, I have access to articles from many of the journals post-2001 and to Problems of Economics which translates Soviet official article on economic theories and problems from 1958-2010. PM me if there is any particular article you need. ... te_page=14
Post 23 Mar 2012, 10:48
International Socialist Review, comrades, is a journal? It is disseminated as a magazine in bookstores. But I voraciously read every copy and every article.
Post 07 May 2012, 05:07
I have a few more:

Marxism-Leninism Today - Journal of ML thought. Paul Cockshott, the economist and computer scientist, contributes a lot of articles to this, which is how I found it.

Cambridge Journal of Economics - Not just Marxist, but it's a heterodox economics journal which publishes a lot of Marxist economic papers.

Conference of Socialist Economists - Not just a journal (also an organization), but their publications are excellent.

New School Economic Review - Left-wing heterodox economics journal, lots of Marxist articles (some form or another of Marxism is probably the dominant school of thought).

khukuri - The Kasama Project's theoretical journal. Lots of good articles, especially in organizing theory and philosophy.

Marxist Left Review - General Marxist journal that leans slightly towards articles in communist political organizing and strategy.

Contributions to Political Economy - Major journal of left-wing political economy. Heavy focus on Marx himself of course, but also on Pierro Sraffa's mathematical critique of marginalist economics (marginalism being the paradigm upon which basically all modern capitalist economics is based).

Radical Philosophy - Similar to Radical Philosophy Review from the OP. Lots of work by primarily Western European continental thinkers. Badiou, Nancy, Negri, Hallward, etc.

Rethinking Marxism - Major Marxist journal. Similar to Science and Society (actually, I'd say that if Science & Society is the journal Nature, this is Science).

ephemera - Theory and revolutionary organization.

Radical Statistics - Exactly what it sounds like. Using formal, scientific statistics for radical leftist purposes.

The Red Critique - Radical leftist social and cultural theory.

Nature, Society, & Thought - Now defunct (2007) major journal of general Marxist studies. You can find many of the old articles here:

Cultural Logic - General Marxist studies.

Marx & Philosophy Review of Books - Exactly what it sounds like; academic review journal for books in Marxist theory and Marxist philosophy (or books relevant to our practice as Marxists).
Post 17 Mar 2013, 15:49
Google "Translation of " for English translations of the theoretical journals of the Chinese, Soviet, Korean, Vietnamese, E.Europe, Communist Parties from the 1980s.
Post 11 May 2014, 08:33
Not sure if one is allowed to post non-English journals?

If yes, I very recently discovered this (Greek only): "Communist Review"
Post 02 Jun 2014, 07:22
I'm utterly amazed that no one has highlighted the Communist and high quality & scholarly quarterly journal Communist Review

It is literally one of the few soundly theoretical Marxist-Leninist journals that there is in the English language.

If you're not a regular subscriber then you are missing out on a wealth of the best & most uplifting Marxist analysis from the British Communist movement! It's a damn good read too
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