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Outcome of December UK elections

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Post 02 Jan 2020, 21:08
Hi, I was wondering what peoples takes were on the most recent elections in the UK, especially from any British comrades on the site. This is an important question worth asking, considering the UK's considerable economic and military weight, even while in decline, and the amount of influence it still wields worldwide.

I for one see the loss of Corbyn and his "Old Labour" platform, as a repudiation of evolution, in favor of revolution. Corbyn and team probably represented the only meaningful chance in the UK over the past few decades to have an elected government that could try to be people-centric, restore a strong public sector, rebuild the crumbling unions as mass organizations, and actually take a neutral to anti-imperialist tone in foreign policy, but the opportunity is lost. Of course, his chances were slim from the beginning, but perhaps his main competition being a bozo might have given Labour a false sense of hope. Waffling on Brexit sure didn't help either.
Post 04 Jan 2020, 21:39
The results suck, that's for sure. Even though I'm not British, I very wanted to see Corbyn in power. It's something I believed would have had positive ramifications for the international socialist movement, at least in the west.

In hindsight, I think that maybe he should have pandered more to the Brexiteers. Many prominent socialists were ardent Brexiteers, including George Galloway.

Here's an episode of the empire files that explores the media campaign against Corbyn: A Deeper Look at the UK Election
Post 10 Jan 2020, 15:25
Hope of interest .....

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