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Reflecting on Conflict in Syria

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Post 02 Jul 2013, 23:11
Yeah except these "random local religious councils" are al-nusra the real force behind the fake opposition's gains. All Syrian communists side with the SAA and Assad.
Post 02 Jul 2013, 23:28
Anyway, i really don't understand why the West supports these savages. I mean it's not like Assad doesn't do business with foreign companies and it's not like Syria refused to go along with neoliberal reforms. In whose interest ( save for those of the Gulf dictatorships ) is Syria becoming a taliban state? It's even ideologically compromitating for the West, because no PR effort can turn heart-eating animals into "freedom fighters" and it's impossible to present these retrogade forces as pro-democratic, even in rhetorics.
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Post 03 Jul 2013, 00:30
It's because the more instability makes the road for imperialism that much smoother. Assad was, as Gaddafi was, always willing to play ball with considerations for the national bourgeoisie. If they destroy Assad they can hopefully prop up someone who will play ball with consideration only for himself and his ruling circle. This funding of Wahabbism is nothing new and has always been designed to destabilize and disorganize the massive Arab proletariat.

Also I don't know why you think anyone will care more than they did in Afghanistan when America did essentially the same thing they're doing in Syria. And this time it looks like it might fail so there won't even be any real type of Taliban-that-America-Created flack. Nobody cares we fund Al-Saud either.
Post 03 Jul 2013, 02:34 This is what the UK is supporting. It's really pissing me off when the BBC tries to divert blame on the government when this incident happened in a damn rebel controlled city. This sentence "But whatever the killers' real motives - whether a brutal trick by the regime or a cruel and extreme interpretation of Islam by jihadis - it is also true that Sharia is spreading in rebel-held parts of Syria." freaking infuriates me. It's shocking that BBC has the audacity to feel they can have a go at blaming the government. I don't know why people aren't going out in numbers to protest the government blatantly supporting terrorists. The county's economy is already in a terrible state yet the government will financially support these deluded monkeys in Syria.
Post 03 Jul 2013, 18:58
It's not surprising that Sharia is spreading. From what all I've seen it's a holy war. They all want him gone and I think it's going to be worse....
Post 03 Jul 2013, 22:36
Who is the "they all" who wants Assad gone?
Post 03 Jul 2013, 22:46
Yeah except these "random local religious councils. " are al-nusra the real force behind the fake opposition's gains

Could be, but not much evidence in the info.

All Syrian communists side with the SAA and Assad

No, those would be stalinist relics who don't exist outside of the seats in the neo-liberal parliament that they have warmed with the asses for years. Meanwhile, actual communists and anarchists support the [broad] revolution. ... le's_Party

In fact , there is very big divisions now in the Arab and Syrian left : the Stalinists stood beside the regime as an "anti–imperialist" regime ; as usual , they can neglect the oppressive nature of the regime , it is so natural for them . There are three Syrian "communist" parties , supporting the regime fully very shamelessly . Other prominent Stalinist parties in Arab countries support the regime also. On the other side Trotskyites stood against such regimes but they see Islamists as a possible "allies" is such struggles , denying the reactionary, authoritarian and capitalist , even the neo – liberal, nature of the Islamists ' project. This is so true for Egypt where Trotskyites had strong organization: Revolutionary socialists.

Another thing, brothers, I am going back to Syria this august in order to join the struggle of our comrades and masses. Some Syrian activists organized a campaign named WE ARE COMING BACK . We will enter Syria in August from *****. It is expected that the regime will arrest us, and they could torture some of us, or even kill some. I might need your solidarity that time. Some comrades might update you about such developments when it happen. For the time being I am still in *****, Egypt. If you can arrange any support for our comrades inside Syria you can contact me here till that time, and before leaving to Syria; I can give you contact details of our comrades inside Syria or some Egyptian comrades here to send your contributions to. Thanks a lot for your solidarity. ... -anarchist
Post 03 Jul 2013, 23:34
There is no revolution. Just a bunch of foreign rats, Syrian traitors, and Western/Gulf capital. The majority of Syrians, and communists, agree that no matter how bad Assad is, the victory of the Islamists is worse.
Post 04 Jul 2013, 04:53
A nice Syrian family.


Also, about the so-called anarchist, I hope he will be arrested. If he is tortured, well, that's not my problem anymore.
Post 04 Jul 2013, 09:53
Also, about the so-called anarchist, I hope he will be arrested. If he is tortured, well, that's not my problem anymore.

I thought your above comment somewhat harsh OP Bagration, Until I read the Anarchist Post. Twice in fact. Words fail me.

Your comment stands.

An overdose of BBC- Fox-CNN? No, an Anarchist take on events. Which to all and sundry is becoming clearer by the hour..minute even. A hint then, provided by another Syrian, 'we don't care who rules over us--we want peace !" Stark choices. Priorities honed by a thousand years of conflict, invasion meddling from outsiders. Surely many seek Bread. One(oldest?? ) of the ancient still inhabited Cities on the planet. Women forced into sex trade to feed their family, in so called refugee camps, in Turkey. The Anarchist and his chums are up for creating more mayhem. Another approach was embarked on with more merit:

Now Syria is also hit by EU and US sanctions with dreadful consequences for Syrians facing shortages of food, medicines, electricity, diesel and petrol. Sanctions are war by alternative means. But in solidarity with the Syrian people, Venezuela sends tankers of diesel and Iran sends medicines. The Northern Region of the TUC and London Unison have successfully donated diesel generators to Palestinian refugee camps in Homs and Dera’a. That’s one practical way to help the Syrian people.

By these simple deeds the Syrian people may know who are their friends and just as important, who their enemies might be.
Post 04 Jul 2013, 17:06
Dagoth Ur wrote:
Who is the "they all" who wants Assad gone?

The people who are fighting, who else?
Post 04 Jul 2013, 21:05
Oh those they. A handful of Syrian traitors and an army of foreign rats is not a real threat to Assad without massive injections of NATO-Gulf Capital.
Post 04 Jul 2013, 23:22
Celebrating a military coup is not a habit that I want to get into, but Morsi being gone is a small triumph. Morsi played a dangerous game with regards to Syria, and apparently his encouragement of jihad in Syria was one reason why the army wanted to get rid of him. These are bad times indeed for the "friends of Syria", what with Morsi's removal and Erdogan's problems last month.
Post 07 Jul 2013, 03:21
I have a few questions that perhaps you guys might be able to help me figure out.

1. How many *actual* civilians (not armed rebels, which many HR orgs have been counting as civilian deaths) have been killed by Assad?

2. Who are the Shabiha? I have seen very little proof of their actual existence outside of blaming massacres on them with little photographic/video evidence except of the aftermath. Why don't they just join the SAA?

3. What is the purpose of Assad's airstrikes on civilian areas? Is he trying to target rebel hideouts?

4. Why are so many (pseudo-)leftists being so reactionary in their stances towards Syria? I haven't heard a single well-known leftist come out with any sort of support towards the Syrian government.
Post 07 Jul 2013, 07:10
khlib wrote:
1. How many *actual* civilians (not armed rebels, which many HR orgs have been counting as civilian deaths) have been killed by Assad?

This is a civil war. Enough Syrian opportunists and Islamists have joined the rebellion for that classification. With that in mind basically all deaths outside from SAA deaths are "civilian" deaths.

khlib wrote:
2. Who are the Shabiha? I have seen very little proof of their actual existence outside of blaming massacres on them with little photographic/video evidence except of the aftermath. Why don't they just join the SAA?

The Shabiba are loyalists who're armed and patrolling where SAA presence is generally weak. Also it's the same reason why militias aren't integrated into regular army since always. They aren't soldiers, they are armed civilians.

khlib wrote:
3. What is the purpose of Assad's airstrikes on civilian areas? Is he trying to target rebel hideouts?

Crushing a rebellion is ugly. Even a foreign bought one.

khlib wrote:
4. Why are so many (pseudo-)leftists being so reactionary in their stances towards Syria? I haven't heard a single well-known leftist come out with any sort of support towards the Syrian government.

It seems many so-called leftists have been hoodwinked by imperialist propaganda. Imperialism's new tactic of playing freedom fighter has been confusing the left for the past thirty years.
Post 07 Jul 2013, 08:23
1. Assad is the President, he doesn't kill with his own hands and he is far from being the "great leader". Military decisions are more likely to be taken by militaries themselves. In every war civilians die as victims of collateral damages. How many civilians died in Dresden or Cherbourg during WWII? How many French or German women were raped by US troops? Curiously all those crimes were not attributed to Roosevelt or Einsehower. In Syria nobody can tell precisely how many civilians died because of government airplanes or rebel mortars.

2. Rebels go everywhere, so they target them where they are. It would be suicidal to target civilians just because you believe they are supporting the rebels, so of course they don't do that.

3. The Syrian state is a very corrupt state, and the Shabiha were some kind of mafia taking advantage of this corruption. But now those supporting the rebels call "shabiha" almost all those who support the government because they can't accept that some persons support the government for very good political, and not economical, reasons.

4. Because of reformism and opportunism. A Marxist knows that western countries are advanced capitalist countries, thus imperialist countries, and that they have to oppose imperialist policies. Criticizing imperialist propaganda against Syria is therefore natural. But an opportunism doesn't see his country as an imperialist country because he accepts the capitalist nature of the state and doesn't see the true nature of politics (class struggle).
Post 11 Jul 2013, 05:03
Loz wrote:
]Anyway, i really don't understand why the West supports these savages. I mean it's not like Assad doesn't do business with foreign companies and it's not like Syria refused to go along with neoliberal reforms.

I'll add on to what Dagoth Ur said. You could compare Syria to Libya. Libya opened up to the West in the past decade; however, when imperialism saw the opportunity to gain even more profits with the demise of an independent state, they acted.
Post 13 Jul 2013, 23:35
Does anyone here understand arabic? If you do can you please tell me some parts of the lyrics in this song that starts around 0:24 I find it interesting.
Post 14 Jul 2013, 00:56
The organized and conscious heroic people of Syria is maintaining their unity and national steadfastness in face of imperialist scheme of intervention through FSA and other mercenary groups in service of imperialism.

Syria will not kneel!



Post 14 Jul 2013, 00:57
Communiqué on the meeting of the Central Committee of the Syrian Communist Party

The central committee of the Syrian Communist Party held its expanded meeting, on 2nd of June 2013, chaired by the Secretary General Comrade Ammar Bagdache. The meeting was attended by members of the central committee, members of the supervisory Committee and secretaries of regional committees.

During the discussion of the political situation the Central Committee deem that the course of events has been confirmed what was announced by the Syrian Communist Party, since the beginning of the events, that steadfastness is not only a duty, but possible. The main factor in this steadfastness is the masses of the Syrian people honored in patriotism, which are ready to scarify the most expensive they have in order to defend national independence, and this is proven by the facts of the contemporary Syrian history, being recognized today with the blood of the martyrs of the sons of workers and peasants and in the city and the countryside, which heavily irrigated the altar of national sovereignty and dignity.

In addition there are international factors and variables contributed to strengthen the honorable Syrian National steadfastness, the solidarity of all the free Arab World and the world with the fair case of the Syrian people in the face of aggression of the dark forces of imperialism and Zionism and reactionary comes in the forefront of these factors.
Also the supportive attitudes in the international and regional arena, which strongly expressed by the Federal Republic of Russia and the People's Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran play a vital role in the promotion of the Syrian national steadfastness.

The aggressive escalation against Syria is continued which manifested in military attacks of Zionist Israel and the decisions taken by the EU as a blatant supply to the armed gangs inside the country, with continuing but expanding unfair political and economic sanctions taken by this imperialist union against Syria with the blessing and even instigation of U.S., the main enemy for the freedom of peoples. Also the loyal regimes to imperialism(from Doha to Ankara) take measures, cannot be described according to the standards of international law only as participation in the aggression, such as finance, supply and containment and multi-faceted support for the armed movements which all have a terrorist nature.

The Central Committee confirmed that the positive developments that have taken place on the battlefield, such as the confrontation to the recurring attacks carried out by the forces of the armed rebellion, and the significant achievements of Syrian Arab armed forces in curbing armed gangs and reducing its positions of influence, played and plays a vital role in opening the prospects for resolving the crisis on national basis, ie by maintaining Syria as an impregnable sovereign country, rejecting the dictates of imperialism and Zionism, valiantly confronting to all attempts to make Syria kneel down.
The Central Committee expressed the support of the Syrian Communist Party the outlines of the program to resolve the Syrian crisis, which came in the speech of President Bashar al-Assad at 6th January / 2013 /, perfectly support the logical synchronization contained in this program. The necessary and essential condition for the start of the solution to the Syrian crisis lies in stopping the rebellion forces to all military and terrorist operations coupled with halt the supply and aid from the outside to the armed and terrorist groups. Without achieving this condition, it is impossible to go to the political stages to resolve the crisis, according to the national interest and the people's aspiration to live in dignity in a free country.
The Central Committee also deem that all main reform steps contained in the program to resolve the Syrian crisis such as adoption of the National Charter and amend or change the Constitution, and the adoption of the basic political laws must pass through representative bodies elected in a democratic manner.

The Central Committee noted that the progress which made in strengthening the Syrian National steadfastness forced the hostile forces to change their tactics. In this area comes the U.S. approval to resume the operation, which began at the Geneva Conference. With support of the Syrian Communist Party for approval made by the Syrian government to participate in this conference, but it calls at the same time to take a vigilance stand of the maneuvers of imperialism because American imperialism and the Zionist Israel are the two main enemies to Arab peoples in general and the Syrian people and the independence of the Syrian National in particular.

The Central Committee deem that after the despaired of the hostile forces of the success of its conspiracy in overthrowing the existing system in the country, these transgressing forces began to direct all its effort to extend the duration of the crisis and the depletion of Syria, because it is a stumbling block in the face of its enslaved plan named «Greater Middle East New» which is a try to create 'Greater Zion' to carry out in its frame the enslavement and exploitation of all the peoples of the region by U.S. imperialism and international Zionism and with the support of the regional and local traitor Arab forces.

The development of events requires the strengthening of all factors of the national steadfastness political, economic and social. The Central Committee noted that the socio-economic developments in the country does not serve the case of national steadfastness, but it does the opposite. The terrible decline in the standard of living of the masses of the people comes at the forefront of the very negative phenomena , these masses that form the fundamental basis for the honorable Syrian National steadfastness.

The national economy has serious losses as a result of acts of sabotage carried out by the forces of armed insurrection. The production facilities were looted and destroyed, which temporarily became under the control of these forces, and sell what can be sold to outside the country, especially to Turkey, and the same fate happened to the important part of the stocks of grain and other agricultural crops.

several oil installations were sabotaged, oil pipelines and gas were cut. All of this has led to many difficulties in the getting of basic necessities of life for the population, who a significant number of them left their places of residence, moved away to safe places or left out of the home. the scope of unemployment has, expanded especially among workers in the private sector. What increased the expansion of the scope of this phenomenon is that a significant number of businessmen closed their premises and transferred their activities abroad. Also the unjust sanctions taken by the centers of world imperialism and its systems had great influence on the development of the national economy and the living conditions of the majority of citizens.

It was possible that the socio-economic conditions to be less painful, unless the liberal economic policy pursued in the country several years ago. Economic liberal orientation played a key role for creating the crisis experienced by the country by increasing the class polarization in society, and the marginalization of a large number of producers and the impoverishment of the masses of people, this economic liberal trend and the conditions that created by it, especially undermining the role of the state, currently hampering find effective solutions towards the protection of national production and protect the lives of citizens, and the maintenance of national wealth.

Day after day, the purchasing power of the vast majority of citizens is declining , because of the low value of the national currency associated with the surge of prices. It was one of the main reasons for this very painful process for the masses of the people, senior bourgeois have pulled their deposits in national banks and converted to the outside. Which had a significant negative impact on the stability and the value of the Syrian pound. This process, which took place under the eyes of government agencies without doing anything to prevent or reduce it from the government, under the pretext of the absence of appropriate legislations. The method of putting the foreign exchange reserves of the state to the exchange market has not played any role in the strengthening of the local currency sites, but on the contrary, that this method has dangerous consequences, resulting from the depletion of the general reserve of foreign exchange.

Any serious action has not taken to radically reconsider economic liberal trends toward full renouncing from these trends and follow the policy of state capitalism of a social nature. On the contrary decisions have been taken to raise the prices of some energy carriers. Promotion is carrying out to the continuation of this trend which is harmful to national production and the lives of citizens in general to include raising the prices of electricity and fuel oil. Which will lead to a new increase in prices in general, and thus to increase impoverishment and misery of the toilers, who part of them became on the edge of hunger in the literal sense of the word.

The raising of prices of energy and energy carriers, along with its large negative effects on the living conditions- which are originally miserable- of the popular masses, carries with it a danger to national production as a whole. This procedure means the increase of the cost of industrial production and will push the remainder of the industrialists to escape abroad and invest their money in similar areas in the near and far neighboring countries. This procedure will also (raise the price of electricity and fuel oil) increase the cost of agricultural production and the reluctance of an important part of the producers to work in it, and thus a new blow to the rest of the security factors of agricultural and food security, which was reached in the near past. This procedure would deal a painful blow to the manufacturing industry and agriculture, and without the contribution of these two main branches of material production, it will be very difficult to overcome the effects of destroy and economic decline resulting from the crisis, and the successfully starting in the process of reconstruction of the country.
It is clear that this trend means increased pressure on the people, and load the masses of the people the consequences of sinful acts and attitudes of the enemies of the homeland and their main internal social force which is comprador bourgeoisie. The economic liberal is an expression of economic interests of the comprador bourgeoisie, this bourgeoisie whose interests are linked closely with the interests of the global monopolies and thus fundamentally incompatible with the interests of the country.

The Central Committee alerts of the suspicious projects begun again to promote it, but now under the banner of «the reconstruction of Syria» instead of previous flagrant and worn banners, and promoted by the same symbols that have been applied disastrous economic liberal trends of in the near past., Which promotes the same trends on the pretext of « Marshall Plan »for Syria, which lies in its content: devote economic liberal approach and put the country under the full control of the foreign monopolies and local representatives of the comprador bourgeoisie. These circles seek to achieve by economic ways, what has failed to achieve by political and military methods which convert Syria to follow and helpless country.
The face of this very dangerous to national sovereignty and independence trend requires the coming together of all national and progressive forces in order to fully break with economic liberalism and restore the state's central role in the protection of national production and meet the interests of producers and meet the requirements and the basic needs of the masses of the people.

This trend in the protection of the Syrian national steadfastness and strengthen the masses base for this steadfastness and expand it requires several actions, including:
1- defending national production in all fields, regardless the form of ownership, with special attention to the state sector and support the basic productive branches: industry and agriculture.
2- increasing the role of state institutions in the domestic trade and revived it in foreign trade. The methods of the suppression of speculators, despite its importance, are not enough, but must be paired with finding a serious competitor to these through the institutions of trade state.
3- connect the prices with wages and cover the increase of prices from actual sources and not from inflationary sources. This primarily requires the elimination of tax evasion and include the so-called shadow economy in the effective tax system, loading who has big profits the larger tax burden.
4- Close the ports of parasitic profit in all forms, with a focus, in the current phase, on the strict and effective treatment for speculators by the food of the people who build vast fortunes at the expense of the tragedies of the popular masses.
5- The treatment of corruption must be comprehensive in order to be effective. The ultimate salvation of all forms blackmail. The essence of corruption lies in the looting of the state and the people together, this looting done by parasitic bourgeoisie in close partnership with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.
6-Radically change the monetary policy, as the current situation of the country requires, stop all the methods and tools that lead to the depletion of the country's reserves of foreign exchange.
7-Support the agriculture in terms of production requirements and marketing capabilities, while increasing the role of government institutions in the field of marketing in the field of supplying farmers, working on the revival of effective cooperative marketing.
8- Amending the working law for the benefit of workers, in particular the prevention of unfair dismissal.
9- Nationally invest oil and gas, which will provide great potential for the reconstruction of the country on a national basis.
10- Complete control of the state on electricity and telecommunications sectors and amend all relevant legislation in this direction.
11- To increase the state's role in social support and revive it in some areas, return on the measures that have damaged the education democracy and free government health network. The concept which is currently promoted by «the delivery of support to those who deserve it» means convert the support from a social function to charity and abandonment of social support in the end.
12- The full break with the economic liberal policy requires find a legislative base for this estrangement. This requires the cancellation of all legislation and decisions have an «openness » character which damaged the productive branches and benefited the parasitic capital and increased structural deformation of the national economy.

All the above measures would provide returning to the ancient nature of the Syrian economy, which is a productive economy. As well as these measures will meet the needs and interests of the producers who make up the mainstay of the Syrian National steadfastness and solid base for the possibility of starting the country on the path of social progress. The Central Committee re-confirmed that defending people's interests will strengthen national steadfastness factors.

The Central Committee focused its attention on ways to secure the promising agricultural season. And deem that it should submit more efforts to commercialize this season for the benefit of increase home invincibility, and secure the fair interests of the farmers, who have made a great effort in order to achieve this season. full marketing of the agricultural season and the correct storage has a big role, especially in these circumstances. It is very important to pay more attention in this area, particularly in the eastern and north-east.

When Turning to the international situation, the Central Committee deem, that the continuation of the structural crisis of capitalism impact the developments in the global arena. The confrontations between labor and capital in many parts of the world, including in the imperialist centers are escalating. What exacerbates these confrontations the emergence of serious indications on the advent of new periodic capitalist crisis, without passing the advancement phase in many capitalist countries, where these countries were hit by new crisis after passing the recession phase or the relative recovery, which threatens new wave of confrontations.

The aggressive trend of imperialism is increasing despite the contraction of the material ground of this trend due to continuing and deepening the crisis. Among the most prominent manifestations of the increasing of this aggressive trend what is happening in our region and in many parts of Africa, where the European imperialism, particularly French imperialism did a blatant aggressive act against Mali. Also the confrontations between the world's centers, especially between the 'traditional' imperialist centers and the so-called emerging countries are escalating, taking a variety forms in many parts of the world.

In Turkey, there is a wide mass movement against the reactionary rule. This movement, which came as a result of cumulative factors resulting from the increased popular resentment of reactionary measures in the areas of political, social, carried out by the Turkish government. Most of the Turkish people refuse the aggressive policy pursued by the ruling circles in Turkey against Syria. The events in Turkey is the beginning of the collapse of the reactionary model which dyes by anti-democratic hypocritical religious dye, that American imperialism has tried to impose it on the countries of the region in order to control them. the Syrian Communist Party directs greetings of solidarity to the national and democratic forces in Turkey and to the uprising masses defending of their dignity and the real values ​​of human civilization.

The events in Egypt and Tunisia, indicate to the beginning of the complete bankruptcy of the obscurantist and reactionary model and its perpetrators of reactionary disguised movements under.

There are growing mass movements constantly raise slogans of freedom , democracy, secularism and social justice. The communists in Syria are extending their hands to the Liberals in the Arab World, emphasizing that no dignity, no progress, no prosperity and no democracy without maintaining national independence. The primary factor in this is the face of agents of colonialism and defeat them.

The Central Committee heard a report on the party's internationalist activity, which comes in its preface to cover the situation of the Syrian national steadfastness in the progressive communist media and contribute in the activities of solidarity with this honorable steadfastness. In this area the central committee has informed in detail about the participation of the party representatives in a number of events on the international scene, such as the Fifteenth Congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which issued a statement of solidarity particularly with Syria, as well as in the activities of solidarity set up by the World Peace Council in collaboration with the Council of peace in Turkey and the Turkish Communist Party, in condemnation of the imperialist reactionary attack on the region and in solidarity with the Syrian steadfastness. The central Committee has praised the role of the party representatives in these important internationalist events.

The Central Committee also heard reports on the activity of party organizations in the difficult conditions experienced by the country, and deem that in spite of difficulties, but the party organizations are generally doing its mass mobilization duty, and drew special recognition for brave party organizations and for the comrades who have demonstrated a commitment and a distinct activity. Events have shown high commitment of the Syrian Communists in national issues and their distinctiveness in the clear class position. The central Committee drew the party organizations to persevere demanded struggle, depending on the concrete conditions of each region, in order to meet the demands of the masses of the people and in defense of their rights.

The Central Committee also discussed the reality of partisan publishing and drew the organizations to increase attention to this area, which has a special mobilized importance in these circumstances.

Thus the Central Committee concluded the acts of its expanded meeting.

Damascus 06/02/2013
The Central Committee of Syrian Communist Party
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