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Gangs taking over Edmonton!

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Post 22 Aug 2004, 20:39 ... gs20040820 ... gs20031023
Here in Edmonton there is no war on Terrorism, As a result of Sept 11 I have seen absolutely nothing happen here, nobody thinks about Terrorism, nobody cares. We have a completely different problem: ethnic gangs, Ok its complete BS, there are no gangs in Edmonton, but the Newspapers are full of it: Hells Angels, Banditos, Native Warriors, Chinese Triads, Vietnamese gangs. Its just complete nonsense. Now there is a new one, Eastern European Mafias: Edmonton is the Headquarters of UNA-UNSO, but the only Ukrainian mafia I heard of before here was the one I made up. I thought the idea of a "Mafia" which has Nukes and ICBMs and Tanks wa pretty funny. What can I say, I live in the NorthEast, I go to Clairview almost every day, maybe they are talking about me, but Im not an ethnic minority so I cant be a gang! I often comment on how difficult it is to get accurate information about far away places or events that happened decades ago, but this is completely different. This is stuff happening in our own backyards. If people can fool themselves so completely about something so near and dear imagine how difficult it is to clear up misconceptions about times and places that people can never go to. Anyways when I was young I believed everything I read in the newspapers and I was afraid to walk the streets, now Im a little wiser and I get my information from the streets and dont believe anything they say in the Newspapers. Strangely it seems the one group of immigrants that hasnt been mentioned is our large Arab community? Go figure?
Post 23 Aug 2004, 17:09
Hey! Those are all the same gangs they say the NW of the US has!

Post 24 Aug 2004, 07:05
There is Viet Namese gang in U.S.A?
Post 24 Aug 2004, 17:25
Well, that's what the bourgeouis media tells you. I've never actually seen any gangs aside from Crip affiliates (GDs) in the NW, and they were all pretty nice guys.

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