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May day!

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Post 30 Apr 2004, 22:05
So what are all you people going to do for it?
I wonder if all us UK comrades could meet up in a city and be red together, I was thinking leeds/manchester, what do you guys say?
Post 30 Apr 2004, 22:27
What am I going to do? Absolutely nothing. (Which is actually something when taken into contrast with my usually busy Monday schedule).
Post 30 Apr 2004, 22:28
Fair enough but not what i was hoping to hear, i want all us UK people to meet and be red!
Post 01 May 2004, 03:23
jerk off, no doubt
Post 01 May 2004, 05:54
I'm going to watch a Soviet parade video, hang up my Soviet banners and decorate the inside of my house with Soviet slogans, and pictures. Listen to the Soviet Anthem while saluting the flag, and pay tribute to all the hard accomplishments and sacrifices the people have made the world over. Hurrah!
Post 01 May 2004, 07:56
Not sure what I'm gonna do yet... I think I'll piss everyone off and spread as much propoganda as possible. Then I'll get together with some friends in Celebration in which they will not understand what it is I'm celebrating because all my friends are dirty evil capitalists.
Post 01 May 2004, 09:06
Dirty evil capitalists in Russia?
Post 01 May 2004, 09:43
Did you have the standard May Day parade there in Croatia? It didn't wake me up today. It usually wakes me up with all the music. Maybe they cancelled it because of the EU. Who knows.
Post 01 May 2004, 11:24
Yes we did. Well every city organised something. They are giving free beans here
Post 01 May 2004, 12:44
What do you mean with free beans? As in the vegetable?
Post 01 May 2004, 15:12
hmm.. Yes. Peoples come to eat beans and stuff. All free
Post 07 May 2004, 21:50
Post 13 May 2004, 01:30
What is the significance of May Day? I had never even heard of it untill I came to America.
Post 13 May 2004, 05:23
It's like labor day.....the underground
Post 13 May 2004, 18:08
Montreal May Day 2004... Check it ouuuuuut


Post 14 May 2004, 00:27
That's awesome man. Dre, we can always count on you for giving us huge images.
Post 14 May 2004, 00:29
Yeah nice pics..
Post 15 May 2004, 16:40
Marxfan33 wrote:
What is the significance of May Day? I had never even heard of it untill I came to America.

The Socialist International declared May Day the official workers holiday back in the 1800's and it has been ever since.
Post 15 May 2004, 18:06
That picture from Montreal is incredible, Its the kind of May Day parade I dream of having in Edmonton.
Post 20 May 2004, 20:36
I went to London for May Day. Lots of anarchists about, as well as the wide assortment of socialists and also greens. Its good stuff, and a good reminder that there are a lot of leftists out there which gives hope.

Funnily enough, May the 1st is also my birthday which i'm quite proud of!
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