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Greek Documentary for Iraq War

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Post 20 Apr 2004, 12:38
NET (New Hellenic TV, -Second- National Channel) showed last night a documentary by reporters that were in Iraq.

Some of the videos they submitted are first time seen worldwide, which include: Abrams in flames, US tank shooting at Palestine hotel, Hummvee destroyed by Iraqi mortar fire, US troops lying dead in Baghdad, Hospital videos and many more. Stories told include US fire on civilians, like a tank attack on car, a whole family was killed, and the Gunner started crying as soon as he realized that, Hospital stories, and more.

The same documentary series (actually it is a show officially) has repeatedly shown anti-american things, such as Iraq War lies and the True Stories of the Arab-Israeli wars. All of them include eye witnesses.
Post 20 Apr 2004, 13:53

The West descends further and further into the 'Mussolini vortex': the Italian Dictator took over the newspapers to replace fact with Fascist propaganda, but then began to read them himself and believe his own lies.

So its good to see that non-prejudiced reporting still goes on.
Post 20 Apr 2004, 14:06
well, i didnt expect it from national tv, lol
Post 30 Apr 2004, 04:43
The hotel incident was at a hotel occupied by a bunch of jouranalists... working for not-so-favorable international newspapers and news organizations.

Including Al-jazeera.
Post 01 May 2004, 18:50
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