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Don't forget to file your taxes! (RANT)

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Post 13 Apr 2004, 08:31
Hmph... I just finished e-filing my tax returns. I was left confused, angry and at the same time happy. I have no idea how that all works. Hell, I'm not even sure if i'm done or not...

But I get about 300 dollars back, so, it is all worth it right? It was worth it to be offered like 7000 mass marketing programs to get my tax return back for free.

I'm certainly confused as to how this capitalist country has turned doing your taxes into the perfect time to advertise products, a truly astonishing achievement if i might say so. e-filing is really really annoying, i sure do hope they do online voting because that'd sure make things better, now you get advertising everywhere you go.

I also liked that they throw in the "would you 3 dollars to be contributed to the presidential election campaign or to the democratic or republican party without it affecting your return". Which is an excuse to give free funds to the 2 party system to perpetuate it without affecting YOUR return, so why not check yes?

Oh god. This system literally is starting to drive me utterly insane. I think I need to move.
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