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Post 22 May 2004, 19:00
jesus christ what is wrong with you? I mean seriously. it was you who chose to click into this thread, which clearly said last reply by davee. and how much time did it waste? maybe 30. sec? for Frag sake get over yourself.

and I'm wondering, has anyone explained what spamming is to davee? how do you expect him to stop, when he doesn't even know what he is doing that is wrong?
Post 22 May 2004, 19:24
Eh.. He have posted in every thead in this entire forum. Then i shoud stop writing in all topics. And how could i supouse to know that someone didnt posted before him?

And we explaind him what spamming means. He was banned becouse this
Post 22 May 2004, 21:37
Well I haven't seen the explanation.

either way, how much does it affect you that he 'posts in every thread' (which is a blatant lie). I mean seriously, if you don't like what he says, skip over it. banning him is just pointless stupidity.
Post 23 May 2004, 13:16
This is not cartoon network forum.. I dont want to talk about dnepr and motorcycles.. And he have 700 posts so i am sure that he posted in evey thread here
Post 23 May 2004, 14:35
I think there has been a lot more than 700 topics. either way, if you don't want to read about Dneprs the simple answer would be to not read his post.
Post 26 May 2004, 22:18
ive talked a bit more than just motorcycles istrebitel. i have made several comments on the nick berg vid. and many others with protocol and friends.
Post 27 May 2004, 11:04
Yeah, Davee's trying to make a more worthwhile contribution to the forum these days. Leave him be.
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