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Osama & Friends.

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Post 31 Mar 2004, 08:26
according to the newspaper i get every day the alqaeda have moved off the terrorist rank. there are several new terrorist groups now including some from outside the arab nation. niw who the hell are these people?
Post 31 Mar 2004, 10:29
Small groups of underground fighters using more or less the guerilla tactic in their own country... and terrorist actions to threaten the rest of the world... I think that not all of those organizations are working together, they do not coordinate their actions. As for Spain, I think that... no I don't think anything... it's just too confusing!

All those new groups are the result of the increasing US ans UK terrorism against arab, muslim nations. No technology or army can ever stop them... they are like the Vietminh and the Vietcong during the Viet Nam conflicts or like the Islamic revolution fighters during the soviet invasion in Afghanistan! They fight for their religion, they don't only want to defend it but also spread (<--may be the wrong word) it! So let's deploy some Spetsnaz units, to smoke those bitches
Post 01 Apr 2004, 02:17
Osama and friends....

that would be a great childrens' show

It's time for Jihad, children. Can all of you sing the "Destroy the evil American infidels" at home. YAYYY!
Post 01 Apr 2004, 18:31
loool.. That could be a great song
Post 03 Apr 2004, 11:03
Laibach wrote:
Osama and friends....

that would be a great childrens' show

cou'd be...............

you cou'd make a flash and send it to a website like!

(not saying ya have to..........)
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Post 03 Apr 2004, 20:40
Yeah, right. Mr. Mazenov's Neighborhood is gonna Frag pwn Osama and Friends.
Post 03 Apr 2004, 23:43
Post 04 Apr 2004, 08:34
okay then, Mr. Mazenov's Neighborhood vs Osama and Friends.

ready?? goooooooooooooooo
Post 04 Apr 2004, 20:29
I don't know if it changes anything, but I play Osama on Osama and friends....therefore you MUST watch my show
Post 04 Apr 2004, 20:57
*comes in and puts on a cardigan sweater*

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor... would you be mine? Could you be mine? It's a neighborly- oh frag it.

Hello neighbors. Today we're going to be talking about RESISTANCE. Can you say RESISTANCE?

Jimmy is a little black boy. The AmeriKKKan pigs try to police his neighborhood and kill his big brothers and sisters. Jimmy soon finds a book. What is this book called? It is called The Communist Manifesto. Someday Jimmy will become a great Communist revolutionary, and free his brothers and sisters from the U.$. imperialists' tyranny.

Awwwww! Isn't that sweet? ^___^
Post 04 Apr 2004, 21:17
oh it's on now, mazenov

here is a pitch for Osama and friends

(show opens with a montage sequence of photos of Osama smiling with young children interspersed with images of 9/11)

Osama: hello children, welcome to Osama and friends. Today we are going to study what we study every day...

all of the crowd cheers in unison: JIHAD!!!

Osama: that's right, my small exploitable friends. Today we are going to learn how destroy the American satan. Everyone look down into their baggie of Jihad.

(children in audience reach beneath their seats and remove small paper bags filled with dynamite)

Osama: this is called TNT....but this is only half of the equation my small little jihadians.... Do you all remember HAzbollabashabadoosk?

children cheer in unison: YES!

Osama: well our good friend, mr. HAzbollabashabadoosk has another very important tool in destryoing America.... DUCKTAPE!!!

children: YAAAAYYY!

alright...this show is going nowhere....I'm going to endorse Mr. Mazenov's neighborhood instead as I have no creative writing material for Osama and friends
Post 04 Apr 2004, 21:25
Please don't use jihad in connection with the muwahhidun. It makes you look as brainwashed as some people in the Middle East.
Post 04 Apr 2004, 23:30
Post 05 Apr 2004, 03:19
Laibach wrote:

ok............ now im scared..........

what did you just say???
Post 05 Apr 2004, 03:31
I have no idea. That's why I'm asking the slovenian, Muzlim fascist dude
Post 05 Apr 2004, 04:16
I think he just burped.
Post 05 Apr 2004, 08:07
muhajadeen. They were Islamic fundamentalist "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan. Much of them later formed groups such as the Taliban.
Post 05 Apr 2004, 13:42
No, Mazenov, you are wrong.

The muwahhidun are commonly called wahhabis. This, however, is a blasphemous name, as "Wahhabi" is one of the 99 names of God. They call themselves the muwahhidun, which means "the united".

It is a highly fundamentalist movement. They ban music, instruments, short words - they are weirdos, just like the christian fanatics who assault abortion clinics.

This practice is official in Saudi Arabia. It's most known member is sheikh Bin Laden.

There you go...
Post 05 Apr 2004, 13:47
I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding my religion.
Post 05 Apr 2004, 17:54
Nair al-Saif wrote:
I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding my religion.

Ok I have a question about your religion 1st of all why do A LOT of Muslims use violence now I'm not at all saying ALL muslims use violence but a lot of them do why is that ,also I don't understand why a particular religion would ever want to hurt anyone in the name of god that's just plain sick.

Now I'm Agnostic and I believe their is a god but no form of religion reason why due to the fact that god wants you to make your own decision that's the only way you'll learn in life.Now I'm saying I'll go out and kill or steal or cheat or rape or do any violent crimes because I don't have Religion but how in the world can their be so many different types of religion's and yet only that one religion's belief's is the correct one .I really don't think god is in heaven playing the wheel of religion's and whatever it's lands on their the winner's, I mean really people you need to realize that we are to live together and help each other not kill in the name of god. Look at all the people that died in the name of religion millions have died Nazi's killed million's of Jews and and all the middle
east violence due to what that's right RELIGION also I not saying that ALL MUSLIMS are violence I can't say that and I won't say that, but I can say this every time I turn on the TV or read in the news paper and see bombing and riots caused by the Muslim community what do you expect me to think and if you reply saying that's a very small % of people that's are doing these crimes that is just excuse 1 or 2 incidents yes that's a small % 13 out of 13 bombing in 2003 is definitely not.

Even then if it is a small % must Muslim hate American's and no matter what you say the would love to see our country fall ,which
I agree with in some aspects like the Government here is horrible I know but to kill innocent people in the name of god is WRONG
and no matter what anyone says god does not and he would never in a millions years want you or me or anyone to kill for him.
That's why I have a problem with all religion in this world .
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