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Sheikh Yassin Assassination

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Post 25 Mar 2004, 05:52
I'm sure you are all aware that the founder of Hamas ,Sheikh Yassin
(correct me if i got the name wrong) has been assassinated by the Israeli government.Nations around the world (excluding USA)are condemning Israel for ignoring the international law but agree that Israel has the right to defend themselves agants terrorism.Was he really a threat ?

What do you think ?
Post 25 Mar 2004, 06:55
He is a threat now.

Of course, some people who claim to be communists like to think of him as a hero... *cough* here *cough*

The WSWS sums it up nicely here:
He then goes on to warn, “The danger is that the Gaza Strip will be consumed by anarchy, and that Hamas will take control of the street, preventing the more pragmatic Palestinian Authority forces from imposing law and order.”

Somewhere on the site they mentioned something along the lines of HAMAS gaining more popularity than the PLO (which was secular?)..

In any event, it's certainly nice to be rid of the man, but at what cost?

I certainly don't need to be a target of all-too-trigger-happy islamic fundamentalists and reactionaries, and unlike what the "Che Guevara" forumnites [foolishly] proclaim, HAMAS is no friend of science, progress, marxism, or intellectuals in any way or form.

And certainly, the gaining of members on their hand is not to be looked favorably upon by "the rest of us"

PD: On that forum, you might also well note how joyously they rejoice at the death of all US military personell too, among other things.
Post 25 Mar 2004, 11:40
Israelis did not have the right to kill anyone. Palestinians want to have a homeland and nothing more. this is why Hamas was created-to push the israelis. Israel has enough land of its own, it does not NEED these lands. I cannot understand why these guys are treating palestinians like this.

Okay it was their homeland once--and Greeks were inhabiting Smyrna and Istanbul (Constantinople) until 1900's and still do, but does that mean that Greece must invade Turkey? Of course not.
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:17
Jews should live in south pole. No they would polute it. There is only one solution. Ban Israelis from earth. Israel is terrorist nation. Palestinians are FREEDOM FIGHTERS
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:20
I agree to that, but not all jews are 'evil', just the capitalist ones. oh my, you know that Istael gets more funds from the US than AFRICA, JUST in military?
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:25
So wait a second, the fact that the Israeli goverment commits acts of state terrorism makes in some vague way the acts of fundamentalist terrorist any better? It is obvious that currently the palestinian people are in a situation of oppresion, but going from there to justify terrorism is a big leap indeed. Dont you see that, in the end, it ammounts to the PEOPLE (Israeli people, Palestinian people, who cares. Workers have no country) suffering due to the acts and mass manipulation of plutocrats on both sides?
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:27
israel is the only terrorist nation, the only middle-east nation that is not being checked by UN, the only middle-east nation FOR nukes. People in Palestine and Israel want peace, the terrorists in the israeli government do not want it.
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:29
of course, there are and israelis that want palestine to be israeli...
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:54
Istrebitel wrote:
Jews should live in south pole. No they would polute it. There is only one solution. Ban Israelis from earth. Israel is terrorist nation. Palestinians are FREEDOM FIGHTERS

Could you try to mask your racism any better?

And no, religious fanatics, despite whatever potentially "shared" enemies we have with them, are no friends of us. Again, just because we share the dislike (or hatred) of respective regimes does not mean we share the respective hatred of Americans and Israelis, or non-muslims worldwide.

Wait, is there even a reason to explain this?
Post 25 Mar 2004, 14:56
well, obviously our comrade meant the zionists. and not all palestinians are muslim fanatics -- they do what they do for FREEDOM.
Post 25 Mar 2004, 15:05
No, he ment what he ment.

"Jews should live in south pole. [...] Ban Israelis from earth."
Where are "zionists" mentioned? I'm looking.

Certainly not all palestinians are islamic fundamentalists, but this is a thread about HAMAS, and we cannot say that all Palestinians are "freedom fighters" either.

He was not talking about "the zionists" and "Palestinians whom are not muslim fanatics"

He meant precisely what he said.

And if he didn't, which I doubt because he has expressed those views in the past, he ought to be clearer.
Post 25 Mar 2004, 15:11
i am sure he made a mistake.
Post 25 Mar 2004, 15:36
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Post 25 Mar 2004, 15:47
It is good that Yassin was killed, now it's the turn of Sharon and every other radical bastard in this era... with people like Y. and S. the middle-east will never see peace!

The paslestinans need a stat for their own and the Israelishave to accept that they are humiliating the pal. Population every day! They have to stop that and this is only possible when the policy of the government wants peace (not possible with an ex-army member).
Post 25 Mar 2004, 17:38
Could you try to mask your racism any better

Post 06 May 2004, 07:50
the fact is....the UN basically told the arabs living there originally to move off, we are giving some to the jews and i bet the arabs were like "WTF, since when oh 2000 years ago?"

it seems everywhere the jews go, they are just trouble. in palestine, in germany, and i heard the europeans didn't like them too much either. the brits and french, and of course the soviets probably just wanted the germans to be gone from their agenda, only the yanks most likely cared about the jews.

someone suggested that the jews be put in kashmir, i am sure they wouldn't want to try and be boss then, even if they did have america on their side unless they want to be flown off by a indian or pakistani missile.

As far as idea goes, I am on the palestine side. As far as action goes I am on neither.

Post 06 May 2004, 10:55
Personally i do not support the bourgeoisie of palestine anymore than i support the bourgeoisie of israel as both clearly profit from the situation as a means of controlling their population.

not only that but the thing i despise the most is taht you get anti-semetic hypocrites talking about the ''arab world' (a mindless racial stereotype if ever i saw one) and how it stands up for palestinians or something, which is nonsense, the bourgeoisie in neighbouring states have just as much racist hatred toward the palestinians and send them no aid whatsoever. Plus the palestine-isael conflict allows them to use israel as a scapegoat for their exploiation of their own proletariat.

Lets face it the palestinians are caught between the isreali bourgeioisie, the arab bourgeoisie and the predatory nature of their own leadership. but while i sympathise with thme, there is no way i'd support their reactionary leaders who profit from the war, that just really messed up.

No war but the class war!

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Post 06 May 2004, 11:36
for every time we get anti-semtism, and i count two posts with open anti semitism on this thread from boxing kangaroo and istrobitell

you will get this


Steel greetings from the USSR assholes

Post 06 May 2004, 11:51
so your pro-jew?
Post 06 May 2004, 12:02
why is it that israel gets away with doing whatever they want if they are so bloody better than everything else then hmm?
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