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Soviet Troops in Vietnam

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Post 19 Jun 2014, 01:13
Recently I was reading the Wiki about the Vietnam War. I noticed that in the casualties it says that 18 Soviets we're killed, but that's all the information it gives. Does anyone have any?

Red Specter
Post 20 Jun 2014, 00:28
The source for that is a book of conspiracy theories about the Vietnam War by a pair of Cold War Era defense analysts who, among other things, are convinced that America won the war. Any information from it should be considered suspect at best.

To wit, they claim the figure is from "official Russian sources", but fail to clairfy these sources or cite them.
Post 20 Jun 2014, 00:37
There were Soviet and Chinese military advisers in North Vietnam, requested by its government to help train the PAVN to use more advanced equipment. Presumably a few were killed in the course of the war. Soviet and Chinese troops were never deployed though.
Post 20 Jun 2014, 18:07
Some Soviet advisers might have died during the war in North Viet Nam. Those were very difficult years and it is no surprise if people died because of US bombing and/or illness.

Several Soviet personnel also died in the re-unified Viet Nam after the war. The Soviet Union had a naval base in Cam Ranh, Central Viet Nam.

Below is the link to an article in Vietnamese language about the death of Soviet troops in Viet Nam after the war. The first picture shows a Soviet submarine in Cam Ranh Naval Base. The second picture shows two Soviet and a Vietnamese soldiers in 1979.
The last picture shows the monument dedicated to 44 Soviet and 176 Vietnamese troops died in Central Viet Nam after the Viet Nam War (referred to as "American War" by Vietnamese), including Vietnamese troops dying during the military conflict in 1988 with China in the Spartly Islands. There was a small memorial stele there before, and it became this full-scale monument very recently in 2009.
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