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Uncle Ho Movies ?

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Post 26 Jan 2011, 15:21
I know it's rediculous for a vietnamese to ask such a question but I have been searching a movie ( I don't mean documentary films ) which has Uncle Ho as a film character but what I found are ... Vichoco craps ! ( or they haven't made it a movie yet ? )
Also, good movies about communism (WW2) are rare while Nazis, American, Japan ..ect . Especially "DownFall" has hitler filled nearly half of the film ! ( and there were many people loved it ??!! )

Movies about Mao, Lenin, Stalin or Che ... They're all rare ! ( or some no ENG-sub ?)

And Cartoon ? Only ... First Squad
If I'm wrong, can anyone share me some titles or links about those movies ? Thanks alot.
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