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Viet Cong

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Post 23 Aug 2007, 22:54

An interesting Documentary from the History Channel...oddly enough. They admit the majority of the Vietnamese people would have voted for Ho Chi Minh they also admit that their assassination program Omega was so infiltrated by the Viet Cong they were actually killing their own supporters most of the time.
Post 27 May 2009, 22:33
Post 08 Oct 2012, 06:07
yes its interesting .
Post 31 Jan 2013, 02:46
The life that I live which is that of a communist has been inspired by those young Vietcongs who died during the war while they remained virgins. Much more must I offer my life for socialism given that I was not only well-fed but is no longer a stranger to worldly matters. More power to Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea! More power to Kim Jong Un, Fidel annd Raul Castro and the Communist Party of Vietnam! I will die for you!
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