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is vietnam really comie??

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Post 27 Jul 2009, 05:51
Vietnam isn't socialist anymore, Vietnam is capitalist now. And all capitalist country develop their modern industry by plunder colony or foreign investment and loan. Do you want Vietnam to become another imperialist?
Post 27 Jul 2009, 09:25
No, I want Vietnam to return to a planned economy as soon as the productive forces are developed.
Post 27 Jul 2009, 13:19
Noooo again...I don't talk about the economy ,because if we don't change, we'll have no partner in the world (except cuba, laos and some third world countries) and may not be recognize as a country too. The things that really suck are our economy, social policies (like building bridges, fixing roads at such a low speed and low quality compare to capitalist coporation builders, "helping" poor people to buy houses and apartments at higher price than usual) and education (kind of confucianism education)
Post 30 Jul 2009, 09:13
If your government sucks, CPSR, then that is all the more reason to stay. Take my country as an example. The US suffers terrible corruption and is brutally imperialistic, but if I left it behind, I would be admitting defeat to the capitalists, which any good leftist would never do. If you abandon Vietnam, you are giving the enemy a free ticket to ruin your homeland. Forgive me if I sound preachy, I say this strictly in the spirit of internationalist solidarity.
Post 30 Jul 2009, 10:57
Thanks for your supporting.
Post 30 Jul 2009, 22:04
Still if the vietnamese party have some problems - I believe the right thing is to support the policies of Doi Moi of the party who will renovate and strenghten the economy.

We must continue our support for the SR of Vietnam and their efforts to build socialism towards communism.

But we must follow the situation and involve the vietnamese comrades, both ordinary people and members of both the tradeunion VGCL, the party and the HCM Youth Union, in an ideological debate over socialism, what we are fighting for, whats the principles, whats the lessons from past and now, the way forward to create an strong communist international pole and build socialism-communism in all world.

Here is interesting speech by comrade G. Mavrikos, leader of WFTU( If you see the form of the speech and the psychology you can see the WFTU as the whole communist movements have some worries about the market-socialist-reforms but we have to be very very clever so I call upon all to read the text, support the text and involve in the ideological-theoretical debate in the international communist movement:

Long live memory of Uncle Ho - the bringer of Light!
Long live heroic people of Viet Nam!
Post 01 Aug 2009, 02:40
@4.Nov: How can you know about that? Really impressed me.
Post 15 Aug 2009, 01:55
I am member of norwegian party, and my favourite work is the international arena, so I am pretty updated on the class-struggle internationnaly and the situation of the communist movement; also the situation in the socialist, or so-called socialist countries, as your beautiful country Vietnam.

But you are living there - so I would really like you to maybe translate or post documents from the HCM CY Union and the Vietnamese communist party regarding FUTURE plans from 2010-2020 etc.

Red salute!

Khinh chao
Post 15 Aug 2009, 09:48
our future plans? I don't know much about that, really.(I'm only 14 now).
But as what I have heard from news, there will be more foreign investment.
in economy, and the government is not going to buy them. Besides, many companies and corporations will be equitized. And French are helping us in building nuclear power plants. And there will be an innovation in education.(I hope it is real, the government have said about this milions of times but then everything back to the Confucianism education system.
. And we are NOT having good foreign relations with China.
If you want to know more, here is the link to our newspapers:
P/s: "Kinh chao", not "Khinh chao" please
(in VNmese, "khinh" means despise). But that is polite way for bussiness, we say "Xin chao" more often.
Post 24 Aug 2009, 04:41
Ok, I understand..thats ok..

I am worried about the integrity and ideological shape of the party; if they truly are communists building socialism..but I understand the great difficutlies they face in renowting the economy which is higly necessary to build socialism-communism...I hope the best for the party, the people and that they adhere to marxism-leninism and Ho chi minh thought and build a strong socialist Vietnam..

we need the vietnamese people on our side in the struggle to liberate the world and build communism!

Anyway thanx for the information and correction of my vietnamese hehehehe

red salutes!
Post 25 Aug 2009, 15:09
BTW, what's your name?
Post 31 Dec 2009, 04:41
Would you mind if I join the talk ? Vietnam is a socialist country. We are offering the foreigner to invest, and the people are enjoying every minute of it : the influence of a market economy as well as the influence of the foreign culture. Vietnam was one among the poorest country in Asia and now look at us ! We are moving forward only more slowly than China. But we're still at our limit. We don't offer that so-called freedom of speech so that the rebelious "parties" would not dare to mock our policies, our Party, our government. We are "Commies", and proud of that.

Nevertheless, my father was a former capitalist, and now I'm sneaking out to post this reply to the thread.
It's like capitalism grew strong in the Southern before the fall of Saigon, and it's still trying its best to grow. If I would be a Prime Minister of Vietnam in the future, I'd like to change our economy back as a centrally planned economy - the true aim of communism.

Sorry for my bad English : I studied it for 3 years and this is what I get ! =.=
Post 06 Jan 2010, 16:37
@Nikita: My last post is on 25 August 2009. The talk had been ended until you start it again.
Post 07 Jan 2010, 10:08
Yes, but sorry, I didn't read the date.

Why, can't I help defending our country ?
Post 14 Jan 2010, 04:13
Both your english and explanation and information about Vietnam is more than good enough.

The whole communist movement support Socialist Vietnam and their Doi Moi policies.

We have big hopes for the future.

Long live SR of Vietnam!

Salute to the vietnamese people and the comrades there!
Post 17 Jan 2010, 03:30
But the influx of capitalism is growing strong in Vietnam. The TOEIC, which lots and lots of English students in Vietnam attend, is a covered propaganda for capitalism and the USA.
Post 17 Jan 2010, 16:40
@nikita: influx? you mean influence?
And don't be so pessimistic. TOEIC is compulsory today, really, if we want to intergrate into the present world.
Post 27 Feb 2010, 17:40
Anyone pay attention to this forum?
Post 28 Feb 2010, 02:54
There hasn't been much to comment on in here lately, and I'm very much still a Learner when it comes to politics in Vietnam.

I have a question which isn't really on topic. Is Nguyen a really common name in Vietnam?
Post 28 Feb 2010, 10:44
Yes. It's the most common one (family name), like John Smith in USA. The second popular is Le. But my family name is neither of them.
But how do you know about that? Is it because many of students who lives in Australia have their family name "Nguyen"?
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