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T-54 Main Battle Tank

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Post 28 Apr 2004, 16:33
T-54 Main Battle Tank


Crew: 4
Weight: 36,000 kg
Length: 9.00 m (including gun)
6.45 m (hull)
Width: 3.27 m
Height: 2.40 m
Max speed: 48 km/h (on road)
Max range: 400 km (on road)
Engine: One V-12 diesel
(388 kW)
Power-to-weight ratio: 10.78 kW/tonne
Vertical obstacle climb: 0.80 m
Gradient: 60 %
Trench crossing: 2.70 m
Fording depth: 1.40 m
Main armament: 100-mm gun
Secondary armament: Two 7.62-mm SGMT machine-guns (one fixed in centre of the glacis plate the other co-axial with the main armament)
One 12.7-mm DShKM machine-gun (mounted on the loaders hatch for AA defence)

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