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Help Identifying Medals

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Post 21 Jul 2017, 03:30
Hey Everyone!

I'm new here. I was trying to help someone identify medals on a jacket they have and after spending some time looking through catalogs and pictures I decided to go for some more expert help. There is the jacket.

There is one that is a 'paratrooper with 30 jumps' that wasnt so hard to identify. The one with what looks to be Stalin seems like it is a Victory over Germany medal [ ] but the colors on the ribbon are wrong.

As far as the rest of them the closest I can find to the bear w/ doubleheaded eagle is ... -bear.html

I have no idea why Czar Nicholas is on a bage with the rest of these. And I can tell much about the bottom right one.

I mean its almost certainly just a bunch of medals the person who gave them the jacket stuck on there but I do want to figure out what they are.
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