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I, a Sorge-wannabe, the adventurous & bored with life

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Post 06 Jan 2016, 20:01 ... oviets.htm

As usual, when Western historians write about Soviet Army hero, Sorge, their articles are slanted in a way to make the readers believe that Stalin did not listen to his intelligence reports. He did and because of his reports, the Red Army were able to repulse the Germans.
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Post 07 Jan 2016, 00:39
That was a decent read. Why are you obsessed with sorge, though?
Post 07 Jan 2016, 00:46
All spies are considered amateurs. To label a spy professional is disparaging to the rest. But I defied rules and consider Sorge the only professional spy in the world. He was good in seduction. He was the greatest actor. He had nerves of steel, a must if you are going to enter the spying business. And he saved the Soviet Union!
Post 28 Feb 2018, 14:03
The guy was as it happens far more intelligent than a psychotic autocrat Stalin. May Perun bless is spirit.
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