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T-64: Decent Tank, Still?

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Post 07 Jun 2012, 05:19
Been researching the T64 and T62. Based on what I've seen, the new modernization of the T64 yield a decent tank with good protection against modern AP shells. The T62 isn't that great, but it's only performance was against the IDF in the Yom Kippur War, and the Syrians didn't really know how to use them properly. Right now the T64 is pretty decently armed, and with updated sights, countermeasures and armor it could still pose a threat to most western armies out there. Thoughts?
Post 07 Jun 2012, 05:45
Against state of the art MBT's like the Leopard 2A6, the last models of Abrams or the Challenger, I wouldn't want to be in the T64. That being said, it's not a bad vehicle by any stretch of the imagination, just a product of time.

The performance of export models may not always be a good measure, of course, since they were often lacking systems installed in Soviet versions, and often crewed by less than skilled operators.

On the other hand, even old T72 did fine against Georgia a couple years ago, so who knows.
Post 07 Jun 2012, 07:09
T72 isn't a bad tank either. One of my favorites tbh.
Post 07 Jun 2012, 07:12
I have a model of one on my computer desk
Along with a trio of BMP-2. Waiting to get them all painted up.
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