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Fighting between Israel and Islamic groups

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Post 04 Mar 2010, 02:05
What we have and still are witnessing in the "Holy Land" is an example of asymmetric warfare. Instead of permanent peace, we will be seeing a dynamic balance, alternating between periods of fighting and relative truce (= preparing for the next fight). How can asymmetric warfare, partially motivated by religion, be brought to an end, while there is no one to negotiate with on the other side? I am afraid there are too many vested interests in perpetuating it for years on end.

Lebanon in particular is unable to exert sovereignty over its own territory, with Islamic groups lending the nation as a base. Strengthening the state of Lebanon one way or another might be a step in the right direction - Islamic groups shouldn't be able to operate in foreign state like Lebanon with own armies. They could only be some kind of a party. In the end, of course, the Islamic groups do have both political and military wings which, despite possible public face, usually have different goals and use different methods to achieve their goals.
Post 04 Mar 2010, 19:26
The three state solution! The West Bank and The Gaza Strip should be palestinian, hopefully without a Hamas leadership but lead by Fatah. I think it's inevitable that the UN should be present in the WB, Gaza and also Jerusalem and Hebron for decades.

PS, why is this in the military forum?
Post 04 Mar 2010, 21:36
Russia should get rid of her old military surplus and give it all to Hezbollah...So they could at least heat up some merkava's...
Maybe a few clandestine delivered t-90's?
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