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Post 30 Jan 2010, 22:49
The main difference is on the wingtips and the shape of the tails. But the mainframe is the same.
Post 30 Jan 2010, 23:26
Yes. The differences are on the wingtips, the tails and engines are slanted on the Fulcrum, but vertical on the Flanker, and iirc the wings are blended into the body different on them. It's the same airframe with minor modifications. I mean shit... the difference between an Su-27S and a Su-27M in terms of airframe a bigger then the differences between a MiG-29A and Su-27S.
Post 13 Feb 2010, 00:27
Ugliest looking plane ever, but getting the job done is most important. I'm guessing there will be design revisions.
Post 13 Feb 2010, 02:42
The aerodynamic design looks pretty poorly thought out, just look at the aft fuselage, it is very fat, probably to provide extra lift, but it means much higher drag, so vertical stabilisers have to be scaled down, which lead to lower directional stability in high angle of attack, and has to be compensated by movable LERX and complicates flight control system.

In comparison, F-22's aft fuselage is much slimmer, and the design of the 2D thrust vector nozzle is quite epic, it flattens the aft fuselage, both providing lift and reduce drag, and it flattens the exhaust, increasing the rate of cooling, reducing infrared signature.
Post 13 Feb 2010, 04:10
But the T-50 gets the best ratio in cost/stealth. Part of that is the design of the the aft fuselage and engines.
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