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Spetsnaz in Afghanistan

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Post 12 Nov 2009, 10:01
Funnily enough, I've just been asked whether I want to go to "the ghan", obviously I can't because I still have one year university left, but I think the situation would have to be pretty grave for them to be scrapping the reserves to make up forward observer teams to send to Afghanistan.

Correct. Except for that last part. There may not be an objective good or bad outcome, because once again there isn't a unitary nation. There are many groups, classes, etc. with conflicting interests. Some may benefit and some may not. The question is who benefits, who loses, and who isn't affected. And what if the majority is unaffected by the war in any major or meaningful way? What then? Is it in the interests of the nation?

==Then there is not one objectively good or bad outcome, there are many, some are harmed, some are benefited, and some are not affected at all.
Post 13 Nov 2009, 04:41
Exactly. Which makes questions of victory and defeat in a limited (as opposed to a total) war very murky.
Post 13 Nov 2009, 09:18
A few thougths. I always believed Andropov was not infavor of the Afghan war, and that he inherited that mess. THe American Ruling Elite do go into wars on a whim. In Tommy Franks book he tells about how CentCom started planning the war in Iraq in 2002. OK so we went from fighting a low intensity conflict in Afghan to A "Liberation" in Iraq. America shifted gears pretty quickly. Case in point In the intial push to Liberate the Iraqi people many US and the great Colation of the willing went into combat with less than Ideal combat loads meaning AMMO, FOOD, water (a large portion of our water was tainted we purchased bottled water from regional sources) GAS where all in short supply. American forces where still disembarking equipment from Maritime prepostioning ships when the ballon went up, the 4th ID sat out most of the war When Turkey our NAto partner rejected safe passage through their territory. THe CPA under Paul Bremer had no effective strategy to deal with a new Iraq once it was Liberated. Look at the bloody occupation, insurgents where fighting US and her ALlies as early as JUNE 03. IF it was in the best intrest of the Elite they would have secured the country in order to rape its mineral wealth, never happened. If anything the American Elite put our great strategic partner the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in peril. Shite elements are know strongly entrenched in the new Iraqi government. Iran is one step closer to Sunni Suadi. Saudi Arabia has undergone more threats to their royal familys security now.Since Saudi Arabia hooks us up with oil this was not a wise move If a Islamix revolution like the one in Iran occured in Saudi Arabia it would have dire effects on the worlds oil supply. Reserves have played an extremly large part in both OEF and OIF. IN fact Reserves where some of the very first boots on the ground I arrived in theater in Iraq in feb -3, and my friend went to Afghan in 02, another friend went to Gitmo in 02, contless deployments have been made by reserves to the OEF-phillipines, OEF-gitmo, OEF-Horn of Africa, Quatar, Iraq, and Task Force KAtrina. Clauswotz is like citing the Tao Ching on matters of government utterly useless.
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