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Favorite Soviet Union weapon?

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Post 31 Jan 2010, 16:30
The B-10 recoilless rifle is a Soviet 82 mm smoothbore recoilless rifle and it could be carried on the rear of a BTR-50 armoured personnel carrier. I would love to own such a thing in my house and use it to create destruction.

Post 02 Feb 2010, 11:35
I don't believe anyone who didn't answer AK-47. Its like Bugs Bunny, people claim they like other characters but he's just too ballza to not be your favorite.
Post 02 Feb 2010, 12:07
I prefer the AK-74
Post 02 Feb 2010, 13:33
The only Soviet weapon I know of is the 9K32 Strela-2, which was responsible during the Rhodesian Bush War (used by ZIPRA) of bringing down two civilian aircrafts in late 1978 and again in early '79. Both planes were mainly carrying white civilians. 10 survivors of the first crash were subsequently murdered on the ground.

Last year I was able to speak to a woman (who lives about 40 mins away from me) who survived the first disaster. Diana Hansen.

Post 02 Feb 2010, 23:58
You're right, Dagoth and I therefore declare the AK-47 Soviet-Empire's Weapon of the Year Award. Would it win five times again? Stay tuned to find out...
Post 07 Feb 2010, 19:13
Comrade Stalin is my favorite Soviet Union Weapon
Post 07 Feb 2010, 20:06
I'm sure reactionary forces and the enemies of the proletariat tremble at his name.Like Adolf Hitler did back in 1939 after the signing of Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.
Post 07 Feb 2010, 20:28
...or stalingrad...or the attack of Berlin...Stalin's a badass. You can't deny it
Post 07 Feb 2010, 20:40
Read more about it,please.Stalin did "untie the hands" of his generals after huge RKKA losses:so the victory in Stalingrad was the result of capable generals and brave people,not "Stalin's" bureaucrats that caused 1500+ Red army planes to be destroyed on the ground during the first 3 days of GPW.The whole society of (unoccupied SU) felt a "thaw" of state violence during the war(reopening of churches illustrates that nicely,than the resurgence of "nationalism"-reminiscence of old bogatyrs,Alexander Nevsky and other heroes on posters,etc...)
Post 07 Feb 2010, 21:13
Loz wrote:
Read more about it,please.Stalin did "untie the hands" of his generals after huge RKKA losses:so the victory in Stalingrad was the result of capable generals and brave people

And yet its Stalin's fault that so many people died during the GPW
That's a fragging retarded statement.

Trotsky is a capable general, would he have gotten credit for the victory at Stalingrad if he would've been leader? Where's TRL when you need him.

A country's decisions are made by its leaders, Bush is blamed/praised for Iraq, Stalin gets blamed/praised for WWII and defeating fascism.
Post 07 Feb 2010, 23:42
Yeah really. This is like back when they were deciding whether to have the 35k surge in Afghanistan. I think McCrystal told Obama something along the lines of "My recommendation is 35000 troops but there are equally good arguments for not having a surge at all, you'll just have to pick one and go along with it."
Post 12 Feb 2010, 22:39
It's not really a Soviet weapon but this has to be the coolest weapon I've ever seen in a long time. So beautiful and crafted that I would like to own such a thing if I legally could.
Post 03 Mar 2010, 13:19
^ Douchebag.
Post 04 Mar 2010, 03:23
At least it has an ivory handle, and not a pearl one. Patton would approve!
Post 04 Mar 2010, 03:26
The handle totally ruins it.
Post 04 Mar 2010, 21:25
That gun is so kitschy and burgeoise it make me sick
Post 05 Mar 2010, 01:59
You're jealous, Dagoth. You don't have bourgeois tastes like me and you should bow to the diamond gun.

You lumpenproletarian!

Post 21 Jan 2011, 00:48
The AK-47.

Post 21 Jan 2011, 05:25
AK-74U or AKS-74U.
Post 21 Jan 2011, 12:01
Marxism-Leninism is an awesome ideological weapon.

1. Mosin rifle
2. RPD
3. The famous "Katyusha"
4. Tokarev rifle
5. Stechkin pistol
6. Tupolev 95 Bear
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