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Russian M91/30 7.62x54R

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Post 13 Apr 2004, 05:25
I just bought an arsenal refinished M91/30, Russian made. I couldnt wait to shoot it, so I picked up some Wolf rounds and put about 20 rounds through it today. Truly, a remarkable gun.

Wieght: As to be expected, it is one hefty piece of firepower. Standing, it would be impossible to aim for a prolonged period of time, but down prone it is as steady as a rock and as comfortable as a pillow.

Accuracy: I was VERY suprised when I shot a 1 inch grouping of 3 rounds at about 80 yards. The gun was tight, with no lean and very little fall even down at about 150 yards. The high powered round [speed of about 3200ft/sec] was incredible when hitting plate steel and wood targets, with a tight hole put into the target and close to perfect shot accuracy.

Power: The high powered round was a true delight to shot. High speeds and large bullet size make it a true joy to fire, especially at skeet targets. It literally blew them to pieces! I was VERY pleasantly suprised when I found it didnt kick too bad, mainly just being a back pushing jolt, with little upward bounce. I had gotton a bad first impression with the M series after shooting the M44, which recoiled like a mule on drugs.

Cosmetics: Gorgeous! No other word to descibe it. The wood was brilliantly finished with almost no damage, and the bolt was really clean. The barrel had 100% blueing, and was incredibly clean.

Over all: I could barely believe how wonderful this gun felt and shot, considering the Soviets banged em out as fast as the mills would mill the parts to fill the demand for weapons against the Germans.

Score: All things considered, 9/10
Post 15 Apr 2004, 03:46
These rifles are GREAT... I just bought & refinished my second one.

Comrade - here's what you can do to one with a little cleaning work & woodstain
Post 19 Apr 2004, 00:33
New one
HAD to post this... I restored a 1944 M91-30 and converted it to a "psedo sniper". The PROPER scope was a very insufficient 3X unit... this one can accomodate a 3x9x32


Post 19 Apr 2004, 12:35
Post 18 May 2004, 21:20
M\91 really is a peace of art. I`m just about to buy one. Only thing about it is that I`m pretty much broke now, and it will cost 190€.
Post 18 May 2004, 21:25
Oh, that was m91\30. Well any way I`m about to buy m\91
Post 29 May 2012, 18:48
Soviet weapons in general are good-quality, and the designs would have a good name if the damn Chinese weren't outright illegally copying our designs- Their AK-like Type 56 assault rifles are crap. But that kind of accuracy is amazing considering oyur being accustomed to the CQB-designed AK. But considering that this cartrige is used in the PK, PKM and SVD rifles, I'm not surprised. If you get hit with one, you're bound to, if you survive, you're bound to die from severe bleeding very quickly.
Post 29 May 2012, 18:55
outright illegally copying our designs

Ever heard of license-production, mr. military specialist? Lol at "our" and "damn Chinese". You should be banned for racism.

Their AK-like Type 56 assault rifles are crap.

Please spare us your idiotic rubbish.

Get out of here, troll.
Post 30 May 2012, 20:37
To the new comrade, please try not to revive posts from 8 years ago. It's not something we're fond of here. Also, I'd tone down the we/they shit. It can very quickly escalate into full-blown racism..
Post 31 May 2012, 06:18
Leave modding to the mods..If there is a modding problem, contact a mod or admin....171
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