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Stories from our great/granparents

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Post 18 Oct 2006, 16:17
My grandfather died at 30 years old. My father's stepfather fought in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. He was a medic. His stories were of great fabrication because as I am told he didn't see too much live action.

My Grandfather on my mother's side was murdered by the Italian mob. he was a bootlegger of Irich decent trying to hustle booze during prohibition on chicago's south side. made good money and died young.
Post 18 Oct 2006, 16:45
My grandfather fought in WW2 I'm pretty sure but he didn't like to talk about it with me. I hear he started to mention some of it later on to my younger cousins though.
Post 18 Oct 2006, 17:15
Great-grandfather (mothers side): WWI, the trenches in Flandern. We still have a familypiece from him: a carved shell, little artpiece. 1914-1918
Grandfather (mothers side): resistance-fighter in Flandern, 1943-1944
Brother of my grandfather (fathers side): "Engelandvaarder" -> volunteer to escape from Axis occupied Europe to join the allied forces in GB. Almost fought in Japan, Japan surrendered too early. Exact dates I don't know, I guess between 1943-1945.
Post 20 Oct 2006, 00:45
My Grandfather served with the 92nd African American Infantry Division in Italy, partially blind in one eye due to German grenade.
Post 20 Oct 2006, 00:51
Not WW2, but my maternal grandfather was a South Vietnamese MP in Saigon.(No, he's not the one from the picture.) Would be nice if I get the chance to meet him sometime before he dies.
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Post 20 Oct 2006, 15:04
My great-grandfathers were fighting in different armies. First one was drafted to Tzar Russian army, which he deserted after some time. Second one was fighting bolsheviks in Pilsudski's Legions during Polish-Bolsheviks war. I know there are some orders and promotion papers, somewhere in the family archive, thus I have seen only the copies.
My grantfather during WWII was fighting in the Grey Ranks, which was scout extension of Polish resistance National Army (AK -Armia Krajowa). I do not know to much about his actions during the war, but I know that after the war he was imprisoned by the new Polish communist govement for his membership to AK and held with no sign of life for 4-5 years. He never talked to anybody (even to his wife or kids) about this few years in the prison after his release so I beleive it wasn't too much of idyll.
Post 20 Oct 2006, 22:44
Well this is going to be long and if you want me to post a picture of all the medals I shall.

My Grandfather on my Dad’s side. Fought against the German. He was a Pilot he flew the PO-2. He was awarded more the 50meadals some of them include the Hero of the Soviet Union and the and the Defense of Stalingrad. He has letters from Stalin personally written on how well he did. He fought in battles like Stalingrad, Berlin, Moscow. He himself flew over 200 bombing runs. One of the most interesting story’s that he told me (he is dead now) is how they never had parachutes so they could carry more bombs.

My Grandfather on my Mom’s Side. Flew in the same plane as my dad’s grandfather. Since it was a two person plane. My parents did not know that there fathers both served together until after they married.

Like i Said if you guys want some pictures i can provide them. My family was very well off in teh Soviet Union and it is currently. the grandfuather of my dads side's last name is Loutsik or for Russian's Lutsik so if you know them gratz
Post 21 Oct 2006, 21:23
I'd like to see the pictures, oh and whats his name?
Post 23 Nov 2006, 02:06
my dad's dad once was in WW1 and my nana said he was a cokk and once prepared a meal for a good american ace called eddy rickenbacher dont know about WW2 tho... altho he was a helicopter pilot.....
Post 23 Nov 2006, 03:49
My grandfather whom grew up in a coalmining town in Wales was forced to serve in the Royal Navy or be stuck in jail. He couldn't swim, and he didn't quite like it. He served on a minesweeper for part of the war and was mostly in the english channel. He said they cut alot of mines and helped both the Royals and the Canadians land in some spots. Eventually he was put onto Sword. He doesn't like talking about much else of what he did after though......

My other grandfather served in the RCAF and ran bomber support for bombing runs. Once he finished in Europe he went to the far east and was in Hong Kong for a breif time, I dont know much because he didn't talk about much with my father, and he died when my dad was my age.

My Grandmother worked in Manitoba and helped produce the planes shipped to Europe.
Post 02 Dec 2006, 08:29
My great-great grandfather fought for the Red Army against the Uzbek Muslims during the Russian Civil War.

My great-grandfather was a Commissar and was supposedly captured and murdered by Axis forces 3 months after the Nazis invaded.

The man who would eventually become my grandfather's stepdad fought all the way from Stalingrad to Berlin. He, well I guess you would say "stole", a big clock from a German shop and shipped it backed to his hometown (Tashkent). A clock-tower was built JUST FOR THAT ONE CLOCK! The clock-tower became a shrine to the brave men of the Red Army and step-great-grandpa Eisenstein became somewhat of a celebrity

Several more of my relatives fought and died for the USSR in places like Smolensk and Kiev.
Post 02 Dec 2006, 21:32
is there a picture of the clock tower?
Post 02 Dec 2006, 23:37
I don't think anyone in my immediate family has any photos. His blood relatives in America probably do (along with his medals, I hear he's got a ton of them).
Post 03 Dec 2006, 01:02
Well I was visiting my other grandparents just yesterday and they told me some interesting things about winter war and continuation war. They were so young back then that they couldn't be in military but anyways.

My grandmother told that during winter war they couldn't go to school across a field becouse soviet bombers would shoot at them with MGs.

My grandfather told of the russian pows in finnish pow camp during continuation war, they were in work camp where they could do stuff quite freely and they manufactured stuff which they sold to finns to get to by stuff from canteen. They learned finnish quite well and could argue freely with finns about the USSR. My grandfather told that in the german pow camp which was near the finnish the russians weren't treated quite that well.
Post 03 Dec 2006, 07:37
I think this is the clock tower: ... ti_JPG.jpg

I was discussing it with my mum earlier, and she said that a few years ago they removed the plaque honouring my step-great-grandfather. A fine example of Uzbekistan's anti-Semitism
Post 05 Dec 2006, 11:27
He, well I guess you would say "stole", a big clock from a German shop and shipped it backed to his hometown (Tashkent).

It seemed to be rather common hobby in Red Army to redistribute watches property:)

Check out wrists of the guy in the bottom right corner.[/url]
Post 05 Dec 2006, 19:31
Well, if I found dead fascists lying on streets I'd take their watches too.
Post 06 Dec 2006, 13:25
dead fascists

Post 06 Dec 2006, 14:17
dead fascists


Oh dear, did somebody hurt poor little facist feelings?
Post 01 Mar 2011, 21:04
Someone on the American side of my Father's family fought in the Korean and Vietnamese wars. Met him when I was 8, don't remember much else.
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