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Wikipedia on Communist Party biographies

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Post 13 Nov 2018, 15:33
Wikipedia's history pages on communist parties and ruling socialist states are a mixed bag at best, with a various degree of depth coverage and the usual bourgeois biases. It gives a rather incomplete picture. But what I have found to give a much more in-depth portrait of the history of revolutionary and ruling Communist Parties is its biography pages. Many of which are surprisingly in-depth. Interesting to me is how many CP leaders of the 1980s began their political careers in the imperial age of the Kaiser and Hapsburgs. ... stern_Bloc

I mostly follow from here, for the leaders of the ruling bloc parties, but other might be more interested in revolutionary opposition parties ... st_writers ... _Civil_War ... ty_members ... communists ... communists ... of_Albania ... oliticians ... s%27_Party ... oliticians ... oliticians ... oliticians ... _Karl_Marx ... of_Germany ... oliticians,_d ... st_Germany ... recipients ... i_Dimitrov ... oliticians ... oliticians ... oliticians ... visionists ... ationality
Post 21 Nov 2018, 06:23
I find the life stories of these fellows particularly fascinating in the twists and turns it took, most of them serving in the Kaiser, Weimar, Nazi and East Germany regimes. Most also being relatively high ranking figures in Nazi Germany. ... ny_members
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