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R.A.S.H.(Red & Anarchist Skinheads) How does that even work?

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Post 20 Apr 2012, 16:01
At first I thought the red part was meant for Anarcho Communists. But as far as I can tell the Communists that are part of their small group are actually Stalinist.

How can a Stalinist and an Anarchist get a long with one another? They both hold completely different political views. One wants the removal of all forms of control while the other one wants almost a dictatorial rule. How can those two types of people get along with one another?
Post 20 Apr 2012, 20:37
Well, besides both being in favour of socialism, and against fascism/racism, they'd be united by a common sub-culture. To me, being a skinhead, in the tradional sense of the word, is about fraternity, and fun. Skinheads get together to hang out, and party. That's the common bond which unites all skinheads, regardless of political, and/or other differences. Really the skinhead sub-culture is not historicly defined by any particular worldview. And traditional skinheads are not political, as a whole, anyway.
Post 21 Apr 2012, 00:10
I dunno. I think i get along fine with the few i've known. Easier than some types of communists.
Post 21 Apr 2012, 08:04
In many countries [ie latin america, magreb], including mine -Greece- "stalinists" and stalinist groups, are closer to the standpoint of direct revolt, rioting protests, promotion of impulsive popular violence, than organized class, political, and parliamentary struggle. They sustain from elections etc. We generaly call them "anarchostalinists". So it doesn't sund that strange. Would be stranger if skinheads, for example were eurocommunist.
Post 04 May 2012, 07:34
Both factions are left-wing skinheads, sharing a subculture: Same aesthetics, same lifestyle... It removes most of the tension.

The very nature of cross-factional projects also attracts those Communists least hostile to anarchism and those Anarchists closer to Marxism. Sectarians usually don't join.
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