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So-called "international Marxist tendency" cult

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Post 05 Jan 2021, 02:20
I think it's about time we have a discussion about how extremely disturbing and sinister this little cult is. To get the the ball rolling I'll post links to two pieces highlighting some of this cult's unsavoury aspects such as support for murderous western imperialism and sexual misconduct by full timers - including their leader Alan Woods - towards younger female members: ... 06c2a98cf6 ... -tendency/

I should perhaps point out that I have a personal grievance against the so-called "international marxist tendency". A creep belonging this group cyber-stalked me for several weeks quite relentlessly. At the time I thought he was just a rank-and-file member or sympathiser but later found out he was a leading member!
Post 18 Feb 2021, 01:31
According to this account , supposedly by an ex-member , it is indeed a political cult . By your description of alleged corruption , in regards to covering up accusations of sexual abuse , it reminds me of the case of this one other Trotskyist group alleged to have been a political cult , the International Socialist Organization . ,
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