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Doxxing the revleft creep(invader zim)

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Post 15 Jun 2019, 22:27
The real name of "invader zim", who frequently posted racist pro-imperialist propaganda and extremely sordid child abuse fantasies, is Christopher Smith. He is currently a history lecturer at Coventry university in England.

It took a bit of time to piece together all the clues but we finally managed to uncover his true identity.(screenshots of his racist and perverted posts are going to be sent to his employer and the local constabulary, incidentally)

As an aside, what I found quite astonishing was how the board admin on revleft didn't just merely tolerate the presence of the creep but actively shielded him from criticism. Thus included banning people who called him out and expressed objections to his disturbing posts.
Post 16 Jun 2019, 00:34
Good work Scooby.
Post 16 Jun 2019, 19:23
Why are we discussing someone from Revleft?
Nobody likes a snitch.
Post 20 Aug 2019, 02:51
Che Burashka wrote:
Why are we discussing someone from Revleft?
Nobody likes a snitch.

Because destroying racist, pro-imperialist mouthpieces is a very important internationalist duty.

Also, it's rather ironic you mention snitches as the aforementioned creep is a cop-lover!
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