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I am a mixed person who loves the Soviet Union and Russia

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Post 18 Dec 2017, 17:33
I know this may come as a surprise to many. But my name is Corey, I am 21 years old deaf with a hearing aid and cochlear implant. I am a mixed person who loves the Soviet Union and Russia. My original interest is Russia and Russian culture now my love is for both Russia and the Soviet Union, which to me still falls under Russian culture. You see throughout most of my life I always have been bullied and picked on because I am deaf and have gone through a lot dealing with racists. Sadly I even been rejected by women for similar reasons. I never really had any true friends. To be honest to this day I still don't. It seems like Americans have a hard time with accepting people who are different with more evidence of that coming out every day in regards to American social issues. I can't help but to be honest that I feel very uncomfortable being an American living in my own country. It is really kind of sad, because I have fought so hard for equality but people will try to push back on me after everything that I have done, especially with writing a book about my experiences that is now out of print because of local backlash from social media from people.

About a few years ago I did have one friend, her name was Katya we met in a group of mutual interests on facebook, and we never talked much until the summer of 2016 when she saw how distraught I was with going through bullying and she wanted to reach out to me more. We actually found out we both had a lot in common. We eventually got close and I considered her like my "godsister". She taught me a lot about what she has gone through at school so we were able to relate a lot. She taught me a lot about her Russian culture and her past in Russia during the Soviet Union. I was very much inspired by it, but it didn't immediately prompt me to study about Russia. She told me on how her parents adopted her to her uncle in the United States. As time gone by our friendship has gotten strained and we were fighting a lot. We decided to take a break from eachother. Sadly I had to end my friendship with her because of some the things that she was accusing me of and saying about me that were just false. But in the end she got me into loving everything about Russia. I then started finding Russian pen pals, and I was amazed by the mentality of people from Russia. So many people from Russia has accepted me for who I am, and I feel equality when I talk to people from Russia. Then I met Jane who is from the Urals but now lives here in Massachusetts. I couldn't just focus about Russia here and now, I had to expand into Russia's past that is controversial to Americans. That is when I started asking my "aunt" Jane about the Soviet Union. She told me that she loved those times and that she misses it, she also told me that it was very peaceful for her. I was shocked by what she told me. So I did further studies on the Soviet Union and I started watching movies and documentaries about "The Great Patriotic War". I loved the documentary "Soviet Storm", it inspired me to love the Soviet Union. I found out while Americans were relishing racism, the Soviet Union absolutely denounced it and even had anti-racism/discrimination laws. The Soviet Union was well ahead of America's time. Even some blacks in the USSR loved the way how they were treated and found happiness from that.

I know love what the Soviet Union was trying to do and I agree with communism. There is no rich or poor, just the working class, and the top 5% who have worked there way up in various political fields. It is so inspiring to me. I think capitalism encourages racism, discrimination, and immaturity in people like using vulgar language more than what is socially acceptable. Capitalism also increases greedy mentality for wanting more than what you should be thankful for what you already have. I love the fact that if you worked you were rewarded with things like badges and given additional gifts as well for hard work, and that you were recognized for it, free housing, education, food, and everything else, there was really no greed people were happy with what they had for the most part. You worked based on your abilities. Soviet Union had censorship in regards to sexual content and because of that teenage pregnancies were lower then they are now. Which think that is how it should be. This is why I like communism-socialism. The Russians today still have that unselfish mentality, but it fluctuates between fading and rising. A large majority including a couple friends from Russia who are my age really want the return of the Soviet Union. I really hope that does happen one day. I encourage the return of the USSR. I really love Russia and the former USSR and it is my dream to visit it one day and maybe even live it. The USSR created very beautiful music, entertainment, architecture, and so much more. They were so proud of what they did back then. I just feel that people are more accepting in Russia then America despite the hint of racism in it. One of my hobbies is collecting memorabilia from the Soviet Union. I collect mostly pins or badges and I love them so much. It is in inexpensive hobby and it is so much fun. To me every pin/badge tells a story. There is one that I hold onto all the time and it reminds me the positives of Russia, it's people, and the USSR. So this is my story on how my love for the Soviet Union and Russia came to be. I love my interest and hobby so very much!
Post 31 Dec 2017, 22:47
Hey Corey. Welcome to the Soviet Empire. You should have posted your introductory message in the special ‘Introductions’ sub-forum specifically designed for that reason.

In any case feel free to join us in the ‘Cafe Mir’ sub-forum where most of the talking takes place these days.
Post 02 Jan 2018, 15:33
Thank you for sharing your story comrade! There are a few people on here (myself included) who live in Russia and/or who were born in the USSR, lived in the West for some time and then came back home.

The United States is a great country with many kind people, like any country on the planet, but its powerful form of capitalism and imperialism abroad have caused a great deal of suffering in other countries and to Americans themselves, and have impacted mentality. I think your point about Russians' 'fluctuating rising or falling unselfish mentality' is a very good one, and is illustrative of the existential fight between the old Soviet mentality and values and the capitalist, comprador mentality of post-Soviet Russia's elite. You seem to be very well acquainted with this fight, perhaps from your discussions with your Russian friends.

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