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Military tourism Donestk?

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Post 14 Jun 2015, 03:12
Somebody knows something?
Post 22 Jul 2015, 02:07
Military and Tourism do not mix, There is a military, and there is very little tourism, but if you want to do a military tour, that should not be very difficult. The Prizrak brigade is ideologically communist.
Post 22 Jul 2015, 02:49
It's amazing how some of the ghosts of soviet's past tend to grace us (or haunt us) with their presence when you least expect it.

The Prizrak Brigade are now literally just that, a defunct ghost brigade with a leader who died in inglorious circumstances.

Bang bang they shot him down bang bang that awful sound...

The rest of the Donbass militias have been withdrawing from the front lines but a new western front seems to be opening up between the Right Sector and the Ukrainian government.
Post 26 Jul 2015, 02:24
Prizrak brigade is not defunct, it is alive and well and while the conflict is largely volleys of artiliary, the Prizrak brigade continues to fulfill its social duty to the community. In fact just prior to ABM being assassinated they were building a playground for the local children.

Events in Western Ukraine are interesting, but never the less it is about control of tobacco smuggling... which also means anything going to the EU smuggling since they use the same routes. I recall prior to the current conflict, taking a train from Ukraine into Poland, a few stops before the Polish border, state security would board the train and start removing paneling to stash contraband, once over the border they would remove the contraband to be sold in the EU market without paying taxes.
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