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Writing Communist Propaganda on Money

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Post 20 Apr 2015, 07:07
Anyone else do this? I write philosophically Communist ideas on money and hope that people will read it somewhere down the road and become more interested in studying such ideas.
Post 20 Apr 2015, 14:44
Do you mean you write on the topic of money or do you mean writing in order to receive payment?

If it's the first, I think it's pretty pointless to state that you have an idea on something, but then not say what that idea is.

If it's the second, congrats. You are very fortunate.
Post 20 Apr 2015, 17:02
I mean literally taking a pen and writing philosophical ideas on paper money.

Like this (although this is just some random picture I found on google) -


Money has a long life of being transacted back and forth, so it will get a large list of readers over its time in circulation.
Post 21 Apr 2015, 08:25
OK, I see. That's funny and interesting. I have seen stuff like that before, in Chile, but mostly dumb chain letters or similar.

Here in Mexico, people are very fussy about the condition of bills, so if I were to write on it, I probably wouldn't be able to buy anything with it.
Post 21 Apr 2015, 08:44
Ah, I see. Here people don't care very much if there is writing on it. A dollar is a dollar.
Post 24 Apr 2015, 06:10
Yeah, I've seen in movies how a bil can even be split in half and then taped together and used regardless. There's no way you could do that here.

But back on topic. What sort of things do you write? I guess they have to be very short, right?
Post 24 Apr 2015, 14:38
As I understand it, it is possible in some countries for example a cab passenger to rip up say a $100 bill and give half to the driver, promising the other half after the driver had waited for him or something like that because there are places where you can take the two halves to and have it replaced by a new intact one. In Ukraine there were such places, which would give you new bills if all the pieces of the destroyed bank note were not lost and handed in. It semi-insured people from losing money that was damaged.

On the topic at hand I do not think it to be a very effective way of spreading the word with all the other means we have now in the digital age.
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