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I think we found Yawmoth

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Post 13 Mar 2004, 05:06
Istrebityel wrote:
you really are an idiot. Well you are from america...

At least I can spell. Your a FOB.

AND I have a degree and I make more money then you and whole family , and you know history by watching a fragging movie you
Post 13 Mar 2004, 05:51
I have prepared a clever nationalistic insult that only nazis like wonka can relate to:

You're a disgrace to your own kind.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both humanitarian disasters and still are-- the sheer impact and long term damage and destructive power of nuclear bombs and radiation is beyond your comprehensive abilities.

It's good to know that you've justified your preteen vocabulary and grammar skills-- I mean, otherwise, I'd think you were just incapable of any better.

Also, why don't you learn how to speak American, I mean, since you can't seem to speak English either.

And spelling doesn't mean anything if nobody knows where one word ends and another begins.

Go somewhere else and give a bad name for Japanese and Americans elsewhere, you've already gone below the lowest rating here.

And here's a parting gift, since you can't seem to get the message indirectly you Nazi bitch:
Post 13 Mar 2004, 05:58
if American are so stupid why is that everyone in the world come here to get educated,no one goes to France ,or Germany or 3 world country Russia or powerless Denmark or were afraid of the world Sweden,these country's are all a joke and everyone knows that European are the laziest people in the world. they don't even work40 a week and have 6 weeks vacations only work 36 hr a week ,that why your economy really sucks and your trade is very weak compare to Japan and USA trade .the only good thing that really come out of Europe is German automobiles you guys make excellent automobiles but that's it.we have the most predigest colleges and institutes in the whole world And we are the
most powerful for a good reason not because we have the big heads (but the women here really like that you know big heads sorry I forgot European are minute men and they can't go longer than 3 minute that's
right I remember reading a book that states the average time of sex is 3 minutes at first I thought how can someone be that pathetic then I read
some more and it said the sex drive in the Europe are bland and weak
do to depression ,anxiety and no balls .you Europeans are all pussy
you would never fight your own battles having to rely on us to fight
your battles for you .Except England I never mention England because
I have alot of respect for the British they are 1 of the few countries that
get respect and Italy get a little respect ,and Spain get are Respect too.
that's about it the rest of Europe is a fragging laugh factory.
Post 13 Mar 2004, 06:02

Need there be more said?
Post 13 Mar 2004, 06:51
Hey I just want to make a general statement to everyone....will you quit acting so racist???

Blame the deed not the breed, this is getting rediculious and childish.
Post 13 Mar 2004, 07:31
>hello fellow Comrades I'm new here at this Great and exciting site can
someone help me out with a couple of questions I live in America before
you start on American's please hear me out first of all I love my country
but this country is based on Corporate greed driving this country into a big time depression I mean the unemployment is at a record high of 6.2 million that's alot of people to not be working,but every time I talk or
show my communist pride I get laughed at or ridiculed for standing up
to these same american that claim that this country is free just as long
as it not supporting communist parties.

Correct me if I'm wrong but would that be consider hypocrisy because their
really letting me have it not to mention that I was told at work the I could
not wear army jacket with cccp patch ,can you believe that I was totally
shock to have someone tell me that I can't wear a jacket because get this
it's racial .

How in the world is a cccp patch racist I laughed and told them they have
no idea what their talk about but if I come back to work with that jacket
I might get fired. My manager told me his son was in the Gulf War and
by wear that jacket was a disgrace ,I so want to say the war on Iraq
the 1 st war was a big disgrace for our country.

The second war was even a bigger disgrace for us American's please don'tthink
all American want war I surely don't and I hope you can accept that.
Anyway sorry I bla bla along the point is can someone help me
with soviet history I read Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto and
Meeting the Communist Treat Truman to Reagan but I need more and
you great comrades can help me .

Remember I'm an Italian/American but I admire the Communist and
would love to join .I tried to join the CPUSA Communist Party of United States but they never return any of my e mail,so hopefully one of you
guys can help me out and if their anything I can do I mean anything I will be glad to assist you. I
believe that Mr. wonka lives near me I live in Los Angeles maybe I should to try confront him for
talking all this non sense.

You know what I think I'm going to wear the jacket I don't need to work
for a company that does not respect my politic belief's.
Post 13 Mar 2004, 08:01
Welcome comrade!

I'm American too....don't worry, I'm in your boat. I do understand why people have the impression that all Americans are blood thirstyanimals, but that dosen't mean we all are ^_^ I also live in California....not far from the OC....MrWonka....
Post 13 Mar 2004, 08:04
Don't worry ibleed, the only American's that want war are the ones that post ridiculous, incoherent, and grammatically incorrect posts and their imaginary American majority that they conjour up in their own minds.

And then, on the other hand.

Maybe Marx grossly overestimated the intelligence level of the masses, especially if a couple dozen "Ra! Ra!" shouts, circular logic, hypocrisy, and conflicting promises can subdue any body of peoples into accepting any policies.

It's obvious that your boss wishes to impose his political beliefs on you, and it would be foolish to not comply-- if only for your own security, considering how difficult and hellish it is to locate jobs these days.

The other thing I'd like to say, is that it isn't just the general image of the "working class" that is suffering under the economy, it's everyone who gets a paycheck off someone else... in perticular, off larger organizations and institutions.
Post 13 Mar 2004, 09:35
To Mr. Chocolate man:

Post 13 Mar 2004, 11:04
MrWonka is important for this forum! Really, without him we couldn't give any direct example of american stupidity!

Look when we say that some american people are arrogant, ultra-nationalistic and victimes of their own propaganda... we only need to refer to Mrwonka in order to give our statement a form!

I forgot European are minute men and they can't go longer than 3 minute that's
right I remember reading a book that states the average time of sex is 3 minutes at first I thought how can someone be that pathetic then I read
some more and it said the sex drive in the Europe are bland and weak
do to depression ,anxiety and no balls

I see that you are really informed about europeans... damn you read really nice books... good literature... this explains of course your intellect... you are really a Ãœbermensch...
Post 13 Mar 2004, 11:19
mr wonka, you have proven that you cannot spell yourself and have little control over your grammatical difficulties. You Sir, are a hypocrite. You are also an imbecile. Not that any of us would be that impresssed anyway, but how do we know you have all this pointless material stuff? Is that all that impresses you? Furthermore, the education systtem is far better in England than it will ever be in America. The degrees are easier so that morons like you can boast. I'm sure there are some courses available that require some intelligence, but I think if you did the same degree in Brittania, the invigilator would laugh you out of the examination room. It seems clear that the reason you don't express good points is that you don't have the faculties to convey your nationalistic morose opinion in any way other than "I have a clown college degree/I have a car/You're all stupiderer, cos I have a little club started by my mates" etc. Are material possessions the only thing that impress you?
Very well. To bring it to your level, I have a 6-bedroom house, with a sauna, gym and studio, a Jaguar (Far more prestigious than a BMW; everyone knows only obnoxious morons drive these) Two other houses, which we sometimes rent out, and we are soon going to buy a fourth. Yet we find the money to give a large percentage of our income to charities, such as Christian Aid, Oxfam etc. so I share the wealth as well! You've been beaten in terms of wealth by a RED. Go to your room and cry.

On a final note, I don't know how to feel that you respect England. Does that make me like you? I hope not. Suffice to say, if you tread on these fields of green, and come into my proximity, I will break every bone my foot comes into contact with. I'd really like to try out some spin kicks on you. It'd probably be more satisfying than on a punch bag. CCRRUUUNNNCCHHH!!!
Post 14 Mar 2004, 03:23
This kid's posting in japanese now? how silly.

I'm half Japanese as well mr. wonka and that is a huge reason why i'm disgusted with America's imperialist history, members of my family died/werekilled in AMERICAN concentration camps for Japanese-americans, yes your beloved america is wonderful isn't it, or rather i should say their america b/c they have proven that they don't accept you or i based on our racial background. You should also realize that japanese nationalists wouldn't accept you either, they would consider you, and me for that matter, gaijin: we aren't pure blooded so we're inferior outsiders. We have no country, only a class.
Post 14 Mar 2004, 07:41
Don't worry, apparently he reincarnated or brought in some friends of his to start posting racial slurs too.

And I doubt the authenticity of his so-called "japaneseness"

It's just as likely that he picked up the phrases onile, from a friend, or elswhere too.
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