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Sukhoi Su-27 'Flanker'


Development of the Su-27 commenced in 1969 and it first took to the air on 20 May 1977 with the Sukhoi designation of T-10. Development problems led to a major airframe redesign and the revised T-10S first flew on 20 April 1981. Series production commenced the following year and entered service in 1985 as the Su-27.

The Su-27 appears very similar to the MiG-29, but is about a third larger, looks rather sleeker and has a large faring extending rearwards between the engines.

Specification Su-27P
Types: Single-seat all-weather air-superiority fighter and single/two-seat ground attack aircraft, two-seat combat trainer
Power-plant: 2 × Saturn/Lyulka AL-31F turbofans
Power: 122.6 kN (27,557 lb st) with afterburning
Dimensions: Length: 21.94 m (71 ft 11 1/2 ins) excluding probe
Span: 14.70 m (48 ft 2 3/4 ins)
Height: 5.93 m (19 ft 5 1/2 ins)
Weight: Empty: 17,500 kg (38,580 lb)
Maximum take-off: 33,00 kg (72,750 lb)
Maximum Speed: Mach 2.35 at sea level
Range: 3,680 km (2,285 miles)
Armament: 1 × 30 mm gun plus 11 external attachment points. Typically, up to ten air-to-air missiles including R-27R (AA-10 'Alamo-A'), R-27T (AA-10B 'Alamo-B'), R-27ER (AA-10C 'Alamo-C'), R-27ET (AA-10D 'Alamo-D'), R-73A (AA-11 'Archer'), R-60 (AA-8 'Aphid'), R-33 (AA-9 'Amos')

Su-27 Flanker
Su-27 Flanker
(500 × 330)

Su-27 Flanker
Su-27 Flanker
(500 × 192)

Su-27 Flanker
Su-27 Flanker
(500 × 220)

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